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Artificial grass – Popular fixtures nowadays

If you want to know, then It’s just a synthetic fiber, which looks like natural grass. The artificial grass or fake grass is also commonly used today in residential gardens, initially used in sporting fields and commercial buildings.

If you talk about the look then it resembles, synthetic turf can make from any material used for the creation of tapestries such as nylon, jute, or polyester. As for backing, grass of high-quality uses polyester tire cord and polypropylene as turf.

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Benefits of artificial grass Dubai over real grass

There are many advantages of using synthetic grass in Dubai over real grass – especially in places such as the UAE.

  • Water conservation is expected for the environmentalists in Dubai to face extreme water shortages by 2025. In such a case, artificial grass is a blessing. Artificial grass helps to conserve this valuable natural resource for 100% without any use of water.
  • Several Dubai villas have a pool. The use of artificial grass around the lake would remove polluted areas and leave the garden intact.
  • Keeping a healthy lawn can be very difficult when you have children at home. The grass may not grow because of the frequent use of some parts of the garden. An artificial grass carefully designed those hide irregularities in the pond. You may seek help with these areas from landscaping firms in Dubai.
  • Regular mowing is required to maintain natural grass. It includes the use of raspberries, which emit carbon and thus pollute the environment. Pollution can minimize to a considerable extent through the use of artificial grass in Dubai.

How to install artificial grass in Dubai?

  • At first, the field surface has to be leveled, and all imperfections, including ancient grass and pebbles, removed. Move across the field to compact any loose soil.
  • When the ground underneath absorbs water, no additional drainage is needed. If the artificial grass is laid on the concrete or cement surface before the grass, a drainage system should lay built. Because Dubai is less rainfall, there would be a slight drainage difference. Your plumber should be in a position to help you.
  • Build a fence to keep the artificial grass isolated over time, in the field around the planned lawn.
  • Give a foundation with the rock or gravel broken is the next step. To smooth out the foundation, use a landscaping rake. Using a garden hose, moisten the base and compact with a compactor.
  • Using a tapestry cutter roll out and weigh the artificial grass Dubai and cut it to form. Two strips of grass applied with an adhesive. Set the landscape anchor pin around the lawn perimeter to keep the grass in the place.
  • Clean the blades up and keep them straight. Use the forest. Drain the pool.

Our expertise services

We at Dubaivinylflooring, have over 15 years of experience in providing artificial grass Dubai to domestic consumers, landscapers, and retailers.

We never forget that the customers have a choice; that is why, at highly competitive prices and with unrivaled levels of service, we are continually working hard to offer the best products. On size, we never compromise.

Dubaivinylflooring is there for you whether you are looking for a cost-effective installation of artificial grass Dubai in a small front garden or a large grass pond with a year-round area that is great for pets and children to enjoy.

We look forward to your enjoyment of our company as we have enjoyed building it, and most importantly, have a long-lasting relationship with us!