8 Creative Artificial Grass Interior Design Ideas for Home

08 Artificial Grass Interior Design Ideas

It’s been quite a while since artificial grass has replaced real grass in nearly all settings. And there are obvious benefits to doing so, with ease of upkeep, durability, and usage versatility being tops. It’s way more favorable for the planet since minimal to no resources are required for its survival in any given area. Moreover, interior artificial grass has gained popularity, adding a touch of greenery to indoor spaces without the hassle of maintenance.

If you’ve also been impressed with the beauty and benefits of this wondrous treatment at some point and are now thinking about adding it to your place(s), Dubai Vinyl Flooring has the perfect information for you. Our outstanding and, most importantly, practical ideas will enable you to make fake turf a pleasant and serviceable part of your home decor.

Artificial Grass Interior Design Ideas

Up ahead, we’ve mentioned a couple of timelessly amazing ideas that you can consider for flaunting this grass in your rooms. All of them are completely budget-friendly and versatile enough to cater to every taste and requirement.

1- Divine Dining Room

What better spot to enjoy the allure of artificial grass than the very area where you dine? Adding fake grass to dining rooms will not only make the entire decor greatly pleasant but also offer the welcoming sensation of being in a natural environment. And the best part is that this greenery does not need to be watered and won’t attract any insects either!

You can choose just about any spot in your dining room for this amping-up idea. This grass could work as an area-defining element on floors as well as on walls. It would be wonderful to top it off with faux plants, flower pots, or vines.

Divine Dining Room

2: Interior Artificial Grass in the Bathroom

interior artificial grass in bathroom

Want an interesting and eye-catching upgrade for your lavatories? Synthetic turf will benefit you in several ways. Any wall or (if present) pillar can be chosen for this purpose and you can add entire patches or unique cut-outs of fake turf for a lively look. The best recommendation is to place the grass around the bathroom mirror for a spa-like decor.

Over and above, this idea will also work wonders for highlighting any shelves or cabinets in the bathroom, particularly the ones made of wood. Plus, if you want to liven up the look, you can add fairy lights or string lights next to the grass patches on the wall.

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3: Funky Finish Upgrades

Another smart approach to making the most out of synthetic turf is to use it for highlighting or concealing furniture or parts of furniture. To elaborate, you can cover any desired surface of your furnishing items with artificial grass and even cover entire pieces. This is especially true for outdoor benches, chairs, and loungers.

Also, artificial turf can give a fun and presentable look to any mismatched or damaged furniture item in a decor setting. If you don’t want fuller coverage, you can simply line some desired areas like table surfaces, lamp shades, and/or mesh furniture backs with fake turf for a classy touch.

4: Pleasant Play Areas

Pleasant Playing Areas

Since artificial makes an excellent element for area dividing and defining, it could also be the addition you’ve been looking for to designate particular playing areas in your homes. The grass has a soft and cushioned surface, which will be perfect for toddlers’ play and tummy times. If you’re concerned, you can also look for more plush turf versions.

Besides adding the grass to kids’ bedrooms or nurseries, you can also make it a part of common spaces like living rooms or lounges, since it’s almost impossible to restrain toddlers. With the addition of playground grass, a particular zone will be marked for all the mess, too.

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5: Precise Pet Zones

Precise Pet Zones

If you want to limit your pets to certain parts of the home, astroturf can greatly help you. The grass will be the ideal natural surface for them to remain and play on and what makes it even more useful is that it is very easy to clean, too. This means that any dander or droppings won’t be a problem and can be conveniently cleared out without much fuss or mess.

Moreover, the pets can be trained to stay in the grassy area with time, which goes the same for toilet training. Plus, if any of you are concerned about the integrity of the grass itself, the good news is that it cannot be dug, chewed, or scratched, hence making the perfect pet bedding.

6: Fabulous Faux Plantation

Fabulous Faux Plantation

Of course, the primary motive for using fake grass is to enjoy greenery in areas where it normally cannot grow. So, the best possible use of Astroturf is to create plantation or greenery setups, and you can try this out in just about any room of your choice. Depending on the surrounding stuff, you can choose a suitable panel size, either square or rectangular.

Then, you’ll need a few faux plants or flower vases; anything would work fine, followed by a strategic and attractive placement of everything. You can also create borders for the setup using vines and add pebbles or seashells. Lastly, add some LED or fairy lights and enjoy the charm!

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7: Interior Artificial Grass Wall Design

Interior Artificial Grass Wall Design

This one is similar to the earlier idea, except that this time the artificial garden will be situated on a wall, instead of a floor. The fake turf will act as the base layer of the live wall, which can then be accentuated with vines, hanging planters, vertical potted plants, and artificial shrubs. You can be both elaborate or basic with the plantation additions, as per preferences.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can start the vertical garden with a metal, PVC, or felt frame that can be either self-standing or wall-hanging. Make sure you choose a prominent wall for this setup; this idea is meant to cheer up your mind every time you look at it.

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8: Suave Shelving Cover

artificial grass shelving

Just like furniture accentuation, fake grass can also be a chic covering for shelving or storage tops. And, doing so is the most effortless and cheap fix for old, ugly, and/or damaged shelves, cabinetry, or storage, similar to polishing or wallpapering. You can either simply place the grass panels or have them attached with the help of adhesives or tape.

Afterward, the area can be left exposed, or you can consider placing any desired embellishments or essentials, most importantly planters, and enjoy the fun and lively touch of nature indoors. Not to mention, this idea will work absolutely wonders for bookshelves as a unique grandeur.

Final Thoughts 

Artificial grass is, by all means, a product worth switching to as early as possible. It combines beauty and benefits and tends to be fruitful in ways that real grass cannot. However, when it comes to actually using it for home decor, you need a precise plan, hence our today’s guide. We’ve gathered the best and most useful synthetic grass utilization ideas for you, which even a beginner can try without having to deal with excessive trouble. Ultimately, we wish you the best results for all your efforts!

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