Artificial Grass Maintenance: 12 Top Tips To Keep Your Turf

Artificial Grass Maintenance | Effective Tips For Long-Term Durability

Artificial grass is the renowned and preferred choice of every individual due to its capability of retaining its appearance despite low maintenance schedules. With that said, minimal synthetic grass maintenance is still required to keep it in a pristine condition, adding to its lifespan.

Luckily enough, the maintenance of artificial grass is simple and easy. After installing the fake turf, you’re at the right place if you’re looking for the best aftercare tips. In this guide by Dubai Vinyl Flooring, we’ve summed up the 12 most beneficial ideas to keep your synthetic turf well-maintained.

Top 12 Tips To Care For Your Fake Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass aftercare is mandatory to maintain a hygienic environment, extend its lifespan, and get better output from your investment. For your artificial grass upkeep, you’ll need occasional attention to give your turf a fresh, green, and presentable look.

Fake Turf Maintenance Equipment You’ll Need

After you shop for turf from the best artificial grass supplier, gather the necessary tools for occasional upkeep.

  • Stiff Brush
  • Plastic Rake
  • Leaf Blower
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Weed Killer
  • Cleaning Detergent
  • Hose or power-washer
  • Sponge (Optional)

1. Brush The Surfaces Regularly

Brush on artificial grass surfaceOver time, the blades of fake turf become wilted or compressed. To restore the matted fibers’ upright appearance, use a brush with synthetic bristles. The trickiest way to regain more height and depth is to brush in the opposite direction. Never use hard wire or plastic brushes, as they can damage or pull the blade fibers.

2. Spot Clean For Stains

Clean spot on artificial grass
Another tip to keep your residential and Commercial turf grass looking its best is to wipe off stains and spills right away. It would help if you treated the stain instantly, whether with coffee, paint, nail polish, juice, ink, crayon, or motor oil stain. Use a spatula to remove the stain or scrape off the dried material to keep your fake turf clean.

3. Pay Attention To Edges

Pay Attention To Edges Fake TurfFake turf tends to bend at corners, commonly due to excessive use in commercial spaces. It is advised to pay particular attention when you’ve purchased artificial turf for sports complexes so that they won’t collect dirt, debris, leaves, and other environmental contaminants. These edges become the weed production areas, so you must fix them using a chamfered perimeter and a fine stone mixture.

4. Use Leaf Blower For Debris Removal

Use Leaf Blower For Debris RemovalFalling leaves, twigs, and other debris must also be removed from your fake grass landscapes. You can use a lead blower to remove all the accumulated debris. Begin blowing all the trash material from one corner and using a plastic rake to lift it. Dispose of the garbage to keep your fake grass looking clean and mess-free.

5. Pick Up Pet Waste Instantly

Pick Up Pet Waste Instantly
Spontaneous cleaning after pets is necessary to keep your artificial turf from distracting the lawn’s beauty. To eradicate urine, potential stains, and unpleasant odors, you must get rid of pet waste instantly. Use a plastic bag or gloves to pick up the pet’s mess, rinse the area, and spray an anti-bacterial solution to remove harmful agents.

6. Use Soft Brush And Light Cleaners

Use Soft Brush Light Cleaners
Different types of artificial grass are available in the market that show different resistivities and sensitivities against UV rays and potential wear and tear. If you are up for periodic fake grass cleaning, use soft brushes that aren’t made with hard materials. In addition, household soapy solutions should be used rather than harsh commercial detergents to prevent surface discoloration.

7. Replace High Traffic Patches

Replace High Traffic PatchesModerate wear and tear in high-traffic spaces is bearable. However, you cannot sacrifice the whole space’s aesthetics for the sections individuals and pets use widely. If your family members or pets always take a specific route along the fence line, you can replace those sections with separate patches or ask for professional assistance to join the patch.

8. Apply Weed Killer

Apply Weed Killer
Artificial green turf is susceptible to growing airborne seeds, like weeds, which can be well-rooted if not treated when they are spotted. To get rid of these long-growing weeds, you must apply the weed killer to the entire surface. This will help control the growth of weeds in the whole area.

9. Avoid Mirrors & Reflective Surfaces

Avoid Mirrors & Reflective SurfacesFor your artificial lawn maintenance, one of the best measures to take at the time of installation is to consider the side your window faces. That’s because reflective surfaces like mirrored walls and windows can generate excess heat with the reflection of direct sunlight, heating fake turf fibers and making it unbearable to walk barefoot. The concentrated reflection can also cause grass discoloration.

10. Never Use Any Heat Sources

Never Use Any Heat SourcesAnother tip to preserve the functionality and extend your fake turf’s lifespan is to avoid contact with any heating source. Barbeques, bonfires, and other heat sources must be kept away from this artificial turf, as they can generate heat and flames that can burn the synthetic fibers. It will contribute to keeping your turf blades in good condition for so long.

11. Ban Any Kind Of Sticky Elements

Ban Any Kind Of Sticky Elements
One of the best ways is to avoid any sticky residue and to know how to maintain artificial grass. The spillage of greasy elements like tree sap and chewing gum must be prohibited entirely. If chewing gum gets stuck in the fibers, use ice cubes to freeze it and then scrape it off perfectly.

12. Schedule Periodic Deep Cleaning

Lastly, you must schedule periodic vacuuming of artificial green turf to deeply clean all kinds of dirt, spills, grease, and debris. It would help if you hosed off the entire area to remove the pollen and allergens that might have collected on the surfaces over time. Pour the homemade soapy solution on the whole surface and use a soft brush to eliminate all kinds of pollutants. Rinse with clean water that will flow down through a proper cleaning process.

In The End!

Due to its low-maintenance routines, synthetic fake turf is a timeless and purposeful addition to any residential or commercial space. Proper care is crucial to keeping your grass in the right condition and for sustainability. Establishing a proper cleaning schedule will greatly help keep your fake green grass looking fresh year-round.

In addition, you need to use a soft brush to clean and remove pet waste instantly, apply weed killer to prevent its growth in the infill and use a leaf blower to remove dirt and debris. Also, avoid reflective mirrors and heat sources, and ban any kind of sticky stuff to keep the surface clean. By following these valuable tips and precautions from this blog, you can extend the lifespan of your artificial green turf while keeping it looking fresh year-round.

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