Top 7 Reasons to Choose Artificial Turf For Sport Fields

Why Artificial Turf Is Better Than Grass For Sport Fields? 

Artificial turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass, which is built using different types of synthetic and recyclable materials. This low-maintenance grass looks great and allows for extensive play in the sports fields. Artificial turf for sports fields can be installed at any sports facility because of its extensive durability, utmost comfort, and easy maintenance routines.

Whether you are looking for artificial turf for indoor playing courts or outdoor commercial grounds, it’s crucial to know what makes this grass a better option for sports. In this simple yet detailed guide by Dubai Vinyl Flooringyou’ll discover the reasons why artificial turf is worth investing in rather than natural grass for sports field practices.

Artificial vs. Natural Grass: What’s The Difference?

Artificial Vs Natural Grass

Artificial and natural grass share similar characteristics when it comes to their appearance. Somehow, they are different in many ways when it comes to their construction, maintenance, and durability.

Natural Grass

Natural grass is an ongoing high-maintenance solution for your lawns, gardens, and other landscaping areas. This grass is the outcome of the time-consuming process of seeding, fertilization, watering, mowing, and cutting, providing natural but uneven grass fibers.

Artificial Grass

This is the result of man-made synthetic fibers that involve the use of polypropylene or nylon to create uniform and soft grass blades. This easily maintainable and durable synthetic grass is backed by rubber backing to offer support and stability.

Areas Of Application Of Artificial Turf In Sports Field

Fake grass has grown in popularity, particularly in commercial playgrounds, because of its extraordinary functional features. This turf can be installed in numerous sports facilities like football, rugby, lacrosse, soccer, and cricket. Also, for some golf courses and other major league baseball-playing areas, this synthetic turf is the best solution.

Advantages of Artificial Turf in Sports

As this grass is applicable for various sports centers and practice locations, you must be familiar with the reasons why it’s the best choice. Here are the major worthwhile reasons for investing in artificial turf for sports.

1. Higher Durability

Higher Durability

One of the prominent reasons to invest in synthetic turf is its high-end performance and durability. Made from heavy-duty synthetic and recyclable materials, it is introduced to offer excellent stability against indoor and outdoor use.

This turf can withstand extreme temperature conditions and intense foot traffic from back-to-back playing activities daily, unlike natural grass. Despite the heavy usage, it will remain consistent and smooth, preventing any kind of potential damage to the surface.

2. Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Another major plus point that makes it a better choice than grass is its minimal maintenance. In any sports field location where rainfalls are common, this waterproof turf is the most suitable choice because it will allow the rainwater to be eliminated quickly through the drainage holes.

Unlike natural grass, you don’t need to clean and maintain them regularly for longevity and a fresh appearance. Neither does it require seeds and chemicals nor mowing and cutting, preventing you from hectic aftercare routines.

3. Impressive Lifespan

Impressive Lifespan

The lifetime of this grass also counts in the exclusive reasons to have them at your sports centers. In any residential playing area, playground turf can last up to 20 years. However, in commercial sports facilities, it can serve for more than 12 years.

This particular lifespan can be prolonged with the right installation and proper maintenance. Vacuuming the dirt, dust, and greasy residue away and keeping an eye on the necessary repairs can significantly add life to your synthetic turf flooring.

4. Environment-Friendly Choice

Environment Friendly artificial turf for sports

The most positive aspect of having artificial turf for athletic and playing surfaces is that it’s a health-friendly flooring treatment. One of the main reasons is that recyclable rubber materials are used in their construction.

Also, it is considered good for every environment because it doesn’t need chemical fertilizers like pesticides and insecticides. After all, they are made from artificial fibers. Therefore, it’s best for kids’ and youngsters’ playground activities because any health-affecting element is not involved.

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5. Cost-Effective Solution

Cost-Effective grass Solution for football ground

Artificial turf is considered a budget-friendly and cost-effective addition to any space because it is easy to manage a landscaping budget. Aside from the initial investment involved in the installation, it is not expensive to get your floors treated by artificial turf.

When compared to long-term longevity, easier maintenance, and no cost of buying fertilizers and cutting equipment, it is inexpensive to install them in any sports area. Also, you don’t need to waste gallons of water for their growth purpose, saving money on electricity bills.

6. Waterproof & UV-Stability

Waterproof & UV-Stability

Fake grass is considered the best for sport grounds because of its resistance against moisture and water. Unlike natural grass, this turf doesn’t absorb water, creating a safe and slip-resistant surface to play on even after rainfall.

Also, this turf fiber stands well against extreme weather conditions like heat and UV rays. That’s because they won’t fade or get discolored on direct sunlight exposure. These extraordinary features collectively add to the durability of this turf.

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7. Wide Versatility

Wide Versatility

The most interesting aspect of this turf is that it comes with multiple choices of materials, colors, and thicknesses that natural grass doesn’t offer. For materials, you can choose from nylon, polyethylene, rubber, polypropylene, and other synthetic components.

Also, you have the flexibility to choose from light to dark shades of grass. Plus, you can choose from different thickness options ranging from 10mm to 50mm. Aside from that, it is great for both residential and commercial applications at your sports locations.

To Conclude!

Artificial turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass that comes with enormous, extraordinary features to stand out among various floor covering solutions. This fake synthetic grass is highly versatile, durable, easily maintainable, and environment-friendly, hence, it is good for sports grounds.

Also, this grass doesn’t need water, fertilizers, mowing, or cutting for growth and freshness, offering ease of handling. Their waterproof nature makes them even a more compatible option for athletic and playing surfaces, creating the most stable, mud-free, and easily maintainable surfaces. Go through this informative piece of writing to learn the reasons why fake turf is better than grass for sports.

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