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Grass 40 mm

Grass 40 mm

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Artificial grass, 40 mm in height, offers a lush and realistic alternative to natural grass. Its durable synthetic fibers provide resilience against wear and tear while requiring minimal maintenance. Ideal for residential lawns, sports fields, and commercial landscapes, it provides year-round greenery without the need for watering or mowing.

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SKU: grass40
USE: Commercial & Residential
Size: 4 m x RL
Thickness: 40 mm
Finish: Solution Dyed
Availability: 7 Days
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Our 40 mm Fake grass will be the ideal treatment for your lawns and gardens. It is extremely soft underfoot and has a rich green color which is completely fade-free. There is no need for any maintenance or using expensive agents and you can easily create all desired decor setups with it.

Yes, this grass is the perfect low-cost solution for indoor decorations and landscaping. From walls to shelving, you can use it on every desired surface and even create entire faux gardens with it indoors. It does not require watering and will stay beautiful for years on end.

Of course, we provide affordable and quick services of Grass 40 mm installation both indoors and outdoors. With our expertise, this grass will last for the longest periods of time in your homes and offices. Besides, you can get many design customizations and personalized patterns.

Yes, this grass comes with a solution-dyed finish which keeps sun damage (color-fading) and heat buildup away. This way, it stays useful even under intense sunlight, unlike real grass. Moreover, it also helps with temperature regulation of the surrounding area, keeping it cool.

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