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grass 7 mm

Grass 7 mm

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Grass 7 mm in thickness, offers a low-profile solution for outdoor spaces. Designed to mimic natural grass, it provides a durable, low-maintenance alternative, ideal for areas with light foot traffic. With UV resistance and water drainage capabilities, it ensures longevity and easy upkeep, enhancing outdoor aesthetics effortlessly.

Product Infomation

SKU: grass38
USE: Commercial & Residential
Color: Green
Length: 38mm
Finish: Solution Dyed
Availability: 7 Days
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, this grass does require infill for better structural stability, enhanced performance and improved comfort. The infill also protects the backing of the grass from UV damage, contributing to its longevity. We provide dedicated high-quality infills for the 7 mm Grass.

Of course, this grass is the best choice for kids’ play and recreational areas. It is soft and comfortable to touch and also creates an anti-slip surface for children to play over. Also, it does not cause any staining, is easy to clean and is non-toxic and VOC-free for healthy air quality.

Yes, this grass is perfectly suitable for commercial applications and can be used in all areas where growing or taking care of natural grass is not possible. It can withstand all levels of foot traffic and impact damage and stays the same for years on end, that too, with minimal upkeep.

Of course, you can use this thick, durable and heavy-duty turf on any surface of your choice, both indoors and outdoors. It can even be used on rooftops for an attractive look and makes the best and most practical decor element for balconies, live walls, decks, terraces and other spaces.

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