Signature Plus 38 for Premium Outdoor Space


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Signature Plus 38 artificial grass offers a premium solution for landscaping needs. With its lush appearance and durable construction, it provides a natural look and feel without the maintenance of real grass. Designed for optimal drainage and resilience, it’s ideal for residential and commercial applications, enhancing any outdoor space.

Product Infomation
SKU: grass38
USE: Commercial & Residential
Color: Green
Length: 38mm
Finish: Solution Dyed
Availability: 7 Days
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Of course, our Signature Plus 38 grass is a specialized turf for outdoor landscaping and decorations. Its 38 mm length makes it capable of withstanding outdoor conditions and heavy footfall. Plus, it is completely resistant to UV damage, moisture, color-fading and weed growth.

When used and maintained with care, this turf can last for more than 20 years in both residential and commercial settings. It also comes with an efficient drainage mechanism to keep moisture damage at bay which adds to the overall performance. Regular upkeep is still necessary.

Yes, this synthetic turf has an eco-friendly construction and will also significantly improve your place’s air quality. Moreover, it does not require watering or any other tools for survival, making it a low-cost investment that won’t harm the environment in any way.

Certainly, this grass is especially designed for areas with heavy foot traffic. It can withstand all extents of impact damage without losing its structure or beauty. This way, it becomes a great choice for those areas where natural grass cannot put up with all the usage and wear and tear.

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