Tek Grass 30C: Synthetic Turf for Ultimate Outdoor Comfort
tek grass 30C

Tek Grass 30C

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Introducing Tek Grass 30C, the ultimate solution for lush, vibrant lawns. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this premium grass seed blend ensures rapid germination and robust growth, even in challenging conditions. With superior drought resistance and minimal maintenance requirements, Tek Grass 30C guarantees a stunning, resilient lawn all year round.

Product Infomation
SKU: 031-3315
Total Weight(kg/m2): 3.1
Pile Weight(kg/m2): 2.0
Pile Height(mm): 30
Backing Glue: SBR Latex
Tufted Density(d/m2): 30500
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Frequently Asked Questions 

This 30 mm high grass is a great choice for creating eye-catching and all-natural decors without any hard upkeep. It’s UV-proof, moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and impact-resistant and does not host mold/mildew buildup or weed growth. Watering and mowing are also not needed for it.

Of course, this is a heavy-duty and durable product and is designed to put up with all kinds of intense atmospheric conditions, in order to remain serviceable year-round. It has an efficient drainage mechanism which prevents water and snow buildup and keeps the surface fully clean.

The maintenance requirements of this grass are effortless and low-cost. All you need to do is hose down once in a while and remove all the surface debris with a rake. Plus, weed killers might be required twice a year, and that’s all the care it needs to stay useful.

Certainly, this grass is 100% safe for children and pets, thanks to the low-VOC construction and soft surface. It also ensures walking safety and provides maximum cushioning in case of falling. Cleaning this grass is very easy and it does not cause stains on kids’ clothes, unlike real grass.

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