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Tek Grass 40GG

Tek Grass 40GG

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This artificial grass is made using top-notch materials from around the world, which means it’s stronger, safer, softer, and more lifelike than any other synthetic turf you can find. Whether you’re sprucing up your home or business lawn, or need a reliable surface for sports or golf, this artificial grass is versatile and can be used just about anywhere.

Product Infomation
SKU: CJU-3-4016
Total Weight(kg/m2): 2.5
Pile Weight(kg/m2): 1.2
Pile Height(mm): 40
Backing Glue: Synthetic Latex
Tufted Density(d/m2): 16800
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Frequently Asked Questions 

This grass is highly versatile and can be used in both residential and commercial areas for surface coverage and decoration purposes, instead of real grass. Moreover, you can also utilize it in sports facilities such as golf grounds as it has a pile height of 40 mm which works for all uses.

This depends on the area you’re getting treated and whether or not the subfloor has some unusual damages/problems that need to be addressed. In general, this grass can be fitted in a day or two, when you hire professionals. Areas larger than 100 sq. meters will require more time.

Yes, this grass is completely pet-friendly and won’t be a health hazard for your furry babies. Moreover, it has a drainable structure that does not accumulate pet waste and makes cleaning easier. There is no odor buildup, either, and the grass cannot be damaged by pets.

Yes, this turf can be installed on top of concrete subfloors, and doing so is a very smart way to beautify old and boring concrete floors, such as those in patios or garages. You can also install this grass on wooden decks and floors for attractive and lively decor.

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