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Balconies hold a special place in our hearts, hosting some of our most cherished moments. Whether it’s book-reading sessions or quiet tea times, a balcony can make every bit of leisure time unforgettable. It goes without saying that this essential space deserves a refreshing décor as well.

Our exclusive balcony artificial grass is the perfect option to complete your lovely balcony. Get yours today and create a refreshing balcony retreat!

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Artificial turf for balcony
Artificial turf for balcony
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fake grass for balcony
artificial grass for terrace
balcony area artificial grass

Transform Your Balcony with Our Artificial Turf

Transform any space into a calming oasis with artificial grass. This versatile décor goes beyond aesthetics, offering mental and physical health benefits. Imagine yoga sessions or morning walks on your soft, green balcony retreat. Artificial grass creates a welcoming environment on balconies, patios, terraces, or anywhere you desire, all with minimal maintenance and lasting beauty.

Benefits Of Balcony Artificial Grass

Installing fake grass for the balcony comes with endless advantages and it does provide super lively ornamentation, as well. Balcony grass gives all rooftops a ravishingly attractive appearance.

  • It does not require any maintenance
  • Pets love to play over it and can’t damage it (by digging or scratching) in any way
  • The artificial grass doesn’t need watering, mowing, or irrigation.
  • There aren’t any fertilizers, pesticides, or insecticides required.
  • It lasts considerably longer.
  • It gives the best temperature optimization all year.
  • It has a flawless drainage system so you won’t have to be concerned about your balcony on rainy days.



Our Latest Balcony Grass Projects

grass carpet installed in balcony
balcony grass
Balcony gardening with artificial grass
Balcony decor with plants and artificial grass
balcony decor
Balcony artificial grass

Hire Us For Balcony Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai

We offer professional installation services for artificial grass on balconies in Dubai. Our team of experts can help you select the right type of artificial grass for your balcony based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

At Dubai Vinyl Flooring, we use high-quality materials and equipment for all our balcony artificial grass installations. Our team is trained and experienced, and we take pride in delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction.

With our balcony artificial grass installation services, you can transform your balcony into a beautiful and relaxing oasis that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep.

artificial grass install on balcony



Why Choose Balcony Grass from us?

Balcony grass is the best way to give an all-natural decor to your balconies and terraces. provides you with the best Balcony Artificial grass in Dubai all across the market. Our turf for playground and balcony has the most exceptional build quality and is the perfect cost-effective investment for your bucks.

We have a wide range of made-to-measure fake grass for your balcony along with the most seamless installation services, as well. Contact us if you’ve got any queries and we’d love to hear from you.

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