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Non Slip Bathroom Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Bathroom is the most slippery place in the entire house having 30 times greater chances of getting slipped (and injured ultimately) than the rest of the house. So, to avoid these unpleasant incidents in the bathrooms, Bathroom Vinyl flooring Dubai is the best choice to make.

Bathrooms, since a crucial area in the house, must be adequately hygienic as well as remain perfectly clean. And for this very purpose, supplies the best quality vinyl flooring for your bathrooms.

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Madison-1 Vinyl flooring

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slip resistance flooring in Dubai

Slip Resistance Flooring

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Choices for Bathroom Vinyl flooring

There are many choices for bathroom floors such as ceramic tiles, cork flooring, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, glass mosaic tiles, linoleum, concrete tiles, engineered bamboo, and bathroom waterproof vinyl flooring. However, vinyl flooring is the best among all, due to its waterproof properties and presentable appearance.

Perks of Vinyl FLooring is the first-rate specialist supplier of the finest quality bathroom vinyl flooring.  Our exquisite vinyl flooring comes with several benefits such as:

  • Affordability
  • Attractiveness
  • Contemporary Look
  • Durability
  • Water-resistance
  • Easy of cleanliness
  • Easy of maintenance
  • Environment friendly
  • Slip-resistance
  • Better air quality

Self Leveling

Before installing the bathroom vinyl flooring Dubai, you have to know that your bathroom needs self-leveling. This is done by using high-quality liquid(self-leveling concrete) to get a smooth and flat surface for seamless vinyl flooring installation.

Self-leveling has many benefits, as in this way, the concrete runs to every single corner of the bathroom thus providing an even and smooth surface. It is far less messy because it doesn’t require water for its placement. Self-leveling concrete is relatively more strong and flexible than other concrete types. It is well-resistant to fungi growth and thus doesn’t cause allergic reactions. Moreover, the installation process is extremely easy and timeless, as well.



Waterproof Bathroom Vinyl Flooring
bathroom flooring
waterproof bathroom vinyl flooring
Bathroom vinyl flooring dubai
Bathroom Vinyl Tile Dubai
Luxury vinyl flooring for bathroom

WHY CHOOSE US is the best supplier of bathroom vinyl flooring Dubai, as we provide you with the customized bathroom vinyl floor tiles, featuring an excellent build quality. Our extensive varieties of vinyl flooring have an innumerable distinctive color, pattern, and style options available. We have exclusive made-to-measure bathroom flooring that can effectively cover all bathroom sizes.

We are providing you waterproof vinyl flooring for bathrooms at reasonable prices made from the highest quality material, in addition to our affordable expert bathroom vinyl flooring installation services.

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