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Custom furniture is very famous nowadays because people usually prefer furniture that can perfectly fit in their places. That’s why we are providing custom made furniture Dubai for our customers so they can get the ideal furniture for their room.

We always care about the concerns of our customers. That’s the reason we are manufacturing completely durable stuff for them so they don’t need to change their furniture again and again. Our furniture is famous because of its durability in the market.

We made our customized furniture in Dubai so that they can easily bear the wear and tear of the environment. Our custom made furniture will never get damaged by pets and children because of the material’s toughness.

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Custom Made Outdoor Furniture

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Different Types of our Custom Made Furniture

If you want to know which type of custom furniture we are providing at our stores and online, then you must know that we are providing all handmade furniture that our customers require at their homes and offices.

We can provide the furniture for the hotels, restaurants, farmhouses, clubs, bars, and business places. So no matter if you are a homeowner or a business owner, we are here to serve you with our excellent services. Our most stylish custom made furniture will impress our customers and they always buy from us.

We manufacture all types of chairs, sofas, couches, beds, tables, desks, cupboards, and dressers. Our company supplies custom-made wooden furniture in Dubai for both indoor and outdoor areas. If you want patio chairs, balcony tables, bedroom couches, or lawn lounges, we shall provide everything to you.

Benefits of Buying Our Customized Wooden Furniture

  • There are thousands of benefits of buying custom furniture, but when you buy from us you are going to get unlimited advantages. Some of the advantages of buying our customized furniture are:
    • The manufacturing of our custom made furniture is very strong so you can use them even for more than a century with just little maintenance.
    • The most important benefit of buying our furniture is that you are going to get unique designs.
    • Our furniture is very easy to clean so you can easily maintain the furniture.
    • Our customised furniture is environmentally friendly because it never ruins the atmosphere.
    • You can get all types of custom made sofas and chairs according to your needs.
    • You can make your place distinct by adding our furniture.



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Top Manufacturer of Custom Made Furniture in Dubai

We are the best custom furniture maker in Dubai. We are famous in the market because of the unique and trending designs of our sofas and beds. The comfort of our furniture will force the customers to buy for their bedrooms and living rooms.

All our customers always trust us to buy custom made furniture because they know that we are the only one in the market that can provide the most stylish and long-lasting furniture to them. Although the quality of our furniture is very high, the prices are highly reasonable to provide ease to our customers.

Expert Services for Customized Furniture in Dubai

Looking for professional services for customized furniture? Well, you are in the right place. At Dubai Vinyl Flooring, we have skilled craftsmen and expert professionals to manufacture your custom-made furniture. We take care of the finest details to ensure quality standards. Our company offers customization services and lets you decide the design, texture, pattern, and wood material for your furniture.

Our technicians will shape your furniture in consideration of your directions. You can monitor every aspect of your custom wood furniture manufacturing process, from the type of wood you choose to the type of wood finish used for varnishing your furniture. Prefer us for the best experience in professional customization services in the UAE.

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Why Choose us?

We have been manufacturing custom made furniture for more than 15 years all over the UAE. We have thousands of satisfied customers in Dubai who not only praise us but also recommend us to their family and friends. We also care for our customers and never hurt their trust.

We can also provide you with the moving and packing services of customized carpets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We can deliver your furniture safely and sound to your doorstep so you can get the perfect furniture from us. We can also install the custom furniture at your place to save your time. Call us now, or visit our store and get all our services at highly affordable rates.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefit of buying a custom sofa is that you can easily get the exact sofa according to the size of the place. You can select the design, style, fabric, and color of the sofa according to the theme of the place in which you want to install it.

Yes, you can customize your furniture on your own, you just need to visit the nearest store where the facility of custom made furniture is available, then you can customize your furniture by selecting the design and color of the furniture with the help of the experts.

Yes, custom furniture is more expensive than ready to made furniture because in custom furniture the design is unique and the manufacturing process is also different. The cost of the craftsman also increases when making custom furniture.

Here are some factors that you need to consider before buying custom made furniture Dubai.

  • The manufacturer should have a good reputation in the market
  • Always choose high quality products
  • Select the design which is durable and beautiful
  • Select the sturdy fabric
  • Always buy fabric that is easy to clean