How Cut Laminate Flooring Like a Pro Without Chipping

How To Cut Laminate Flooring Without Chipping?

Laminate flooring is the most versatile choice to treat your floors the right way with its exclusive appearance and exceptional designs. Made from a synthetic particleboard wood base and ideally topped by an image or protective layer, this flooring is the most sophisticated choice for every residential and commercial property. The tiles and planks of this floor treatment can be easily installed using tongue and groove methods.

After installation, the additional portion of these planks needs to be cut down to match the dimensions of your room. For cutting purposes, various types of tools can be used for a smooth process. If you are going to install laminate planks in your living spaces and are looking for an expert cutting guide, Flooring Expert Dubai has come up with comprehensive details to accomplish this task flawlessly.

Step-by-step Tutorial For Cutting Laminate Flooring Effectively

To make your laminate plank cutting process smooth and efficient, we are here with simple ways to help you professionally do this task. Let’s begin by grabbing all the needed tools and materials.

Step By Step Tutorial For Cutting Laminate Flooring Effectively

Tools & Equipment You’ll Need

Besides laminate flooring, you must have these tools and supplies handy.

  • Pencil And Ruler
  • Tape Measure
  • Square
  • Miter or Jigsaw
  • Table or Handsaw
  • High-TPI Miter Saw Blade
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Safety Mask
  • 220-grit sanding block

1. Take Precise Measurements

When cutting laminate floors, you have to wait at least 24 hours for the installed floors to acclimate so that they don’t get chipped or cracked at the time of cutting. For measurements, use a tape measure to get accurate details of the room parameters.

Measurements must be taken in terms of both the length and width of the planks. For length, measure the distance between the wall and the last plank of the flooring and subtract an extra ⅛”-¼” to get a minor gap between the wall and plank to be installed. Repeat the same process to get the details for width.

Take Precise Measurements Laminate Flooring

2. Mark Your Cutting Line

After you get the measurement details for your laminate flooring, now is the time to mark lines for indication. Take the last and final piece of your flooring and place it on a stable surface. You can also place it over the installed laminate planks with the tongue facing the opposite direction of the already fitted piece.

Slide the plank against the wall and keep it in the expansion gap. Then mark the points on both sides of the length and width of the planks. To make the line more visible and straight, you can use a marker and a ruler or square to ensure it’s straight.

Mark Your Cutting Line

3. Position The Laminate Plank On Saw

Now that you have marked lines on the laminate piece, place it over the miter saw, ensuring its back faces upward. Slide the laminate plank against the edge of the blade at the point where it meets the cutting line.

Ensure wearing eye and ear protection along with a face mask for safety purposes. Also, make sure you know the use of a miter saw before initiating cutting. Clamp the marked piece down, ensuring the integrity of everything.

Position The Laminate Plank On Saw

4. Make Precise Cuts on Laminate

For cutting, engage with the trigger and bring the blade fully up to speed while keeping your fingers out of the way. Slowly lower the blade to the cutting position and smoothly push it through the material. Let it happen until the blade fully passes through.

Now, leave the trigger and let the blade stop itself before removing a piece. Repeat the same process of cutting for the other planks of the rows, ensuring precise cuts in both length and width to fully match the dimensions of your rooms.

Make Precise Cuts on Laminate

5. Sand The Cut And Finish

If this cutting process is carried out by a professional, you can be sure of a smooth and accurate cut. An amateur or beginner may lack skills, and you don’t get the clean and precise cuts you wish.

For this purpose, you can go for sanding the cuts to smooth them out and remove any splintering. Using a sanding block of grit-220, you can lightly sand down the plank edges. It will give your laminate planks a perfect finish, ensuring fit-to-size pieces to be installed in your rooms. Here, you are done with the effective and hassle-free cutting of laminate flooring without any chips or cracks.

Sand The Cut And Finish Laminate Flooring

To Cover Up!

Laminate floors come in the form of planks and tiles of distinct sizes to align with the interior styles and room dimensions. After the installation of these floors, the tiles and planks for the last row need to be cut down for a perfect fit in your residential and commercial interiors.

For cutting purposes, you need to collect all the mandatory tools first. Begin the process by marking your cutting lines with the help of a pencil or marker. Then start cutting by positioning the laminate planks on the cutting tool. Make the precise cuts, start discarding each piece, and repeat the same process for the next row. Following these easy steps, you can flawlessly cut your laminate planks without any chips or cracks.

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