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The engineered wood flooring is the best choice if you want to give your floor a texture and look of real solid wood. This solid wood flooring provides you with much more versatility at a very low maintenance cost. Flooring serves as the foundation for any kind of interior design. It plays a key role in maintaining the looks, feels, and total scenario of your interiors as well.

At Dubai Vinyl Flooring we offer our customers top-quality products that are manufactured from high-caliber materials. We provide our customers with a wide range of flooring products from which engineered wood flooring is one of the best flooring solutions for your residential as well as commercial floors.

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We Perfectly Manufacture The Engineered Wood Flooring Dubai

The engineered hardwood flooring that we manufacture undergoes numerous processes under the supervision of our experts. We manufacture these cheap engineered hardwood flooring in two layers. The first layer is the thin solid wood sheet or veneer. This layer is present on the top. The second core layer that we manufacture is of high-density fiberboard or plywood. We generally create the engineered wood flooring in planks or strips. These planks commonly have a width of 12 inches and a thickness of about 0.375 to 0.5 inches.

The Most Notable Advantages of Our Engineered Flooring

By installing this flooring in your interior, you can get a number of advantages. Our engineered flooring is the best choice for enhancing the looks of your floors and it simply adds to the elegance of your interiors. The most striking benefits of engineered hardwood flooring are as follows:

  • The engineered flooring exactly feels and looks like solid wood.
  • It is much more versatile, just like natural wood floorings.
  • The strips or planks of this engineered wood flooring type are much wider, and they are prone to warping as well.
  • You can use it in such places where solid wood is not applicable, as it is completely resistant to warping.
  • It is eco-friendly more than solid wood flooring.
  • You can also get it refinished just like solid hardwood flooring.

We Provide The Best Engineered Wood Flooring Installation Services In UAE

Our professional & certified flooring installing crew knows about all the ways of fixing flooring. The most common and durable installation method is that we glue or nail down the planks or strips to your floor. The other most common method that you practice is to click together flooring method. In this method, the experts install engineered oak flooring as floating floors by joining the planks together is just a click with no nails.

The second method is a DIY method which is much more time-consuming and requires a lot of skill and experience. So for precise and efficient engineered wood flooring installation services, contact us today and enjoy our efficient engineered flooring fixing services at your doorstep not only in Dubai but also in the entire UAE.



Our Company Is The Top-notch Engineered Wood Flooring Supplier In Dubai

If you are searching for the best manufacturer and supplier of flooring in Dubai, then your search is over now! Dubai Vinyl Flooring is the leading company in the world of engineered timber flooring. We provide our customers with quality flooring products at very cheap rates. Discounts offers are also available on different types of flooring products.

We offer the clients the most competitive rates in the entire market. We made different styles and shapes of engineered hardwood flooring accompanying over a dozen of finishes, textures, and colors that can fit every type of space.

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We are available 24/7 at your service with knowledgeable and courteous customer care representatives. Our team offers the versatility of services of engineered wood flooring at your threshold. We have got a large team of certified and well-trained handypersons, technicians, and fixing experts. You adorn your floors at the most competitive prices by choosing our company. Our company has a 24/7 always ready standby fleet for any type of emergency fixing job. So for your flooring solution, we are the best option in the entire UAE. You can contact us or visit our store!

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