Fireproof Flooring

fireproof flooring

Fireproof flooring  your Safety comes First to us 

Are you looking for fireproof flooring for your commercial areas, then the right option is Fire Proof Flooring. This flooring is a floor that resists fire. Not only is it protective but it is beautiful and stylish too. Everyone wants to protect their families and give them security; the safety of your family and your home are unbelievably important considerations when buying new floors.

While the floors are seldom the primary source or cause of fire in any room, the floor type you choose can have an influence not on the ignition of fire but on the spread and growth. The good news though is that fire-proof Dubai floors are manufactured and regulated with strict protection and performance requirements to ensure that they extinguish when they are lighted.


Other reliable options for fireproof flooring

It can be utilized in many different ways. We have a wide range of fireproof flooring the list below is enlisted as follows:

  • Vinyl flooring is fireproof.
  • The flooring is fireproof laminate.
  • Fireproof flooring made of hardwood.
  • Timber floors are fireproof.
  • Fireproof flooring with linoleum.

Advantages of Fire Proof Flooring:

Fire Proof Flooring has many advantages that make it different from others. The benefits are.

  • They are fireproof.
  •  These floorings are also water-resistant and moisturizing.
  • Gives a long life span and grandeur.
  •  A resistance to wounds.
  •  Extremely comfortable.
  • They are soft and underfoot.
  •         They’re entirely suitable for areas of heavy traffic.
  •         They are extremely fade-resistant.
  •         They are immune to the sound.
  • Instant protection and beauty.

Why choose us?

  • The reasons for choosing us are many:
  •  Custom made to suit.
  • Water-resistant and anti-slippery.
  •  Hygienic and antimicrobial.
  •  Our main emphasis is on excellent efficiency. We’re not compromising on price.
  •  Very cheap prices
  •  Durable and strong.
  •  Easy to clean and to maintain.
  • We’re one phone call away.
  • Representatives will show you samples at your house, and take action.
  • We do provide free services and doorstep service.

We at Dubai vinyl flooring are always at your service anytime, anywhere in and the surrounding area

Is laminate flooring fire resistant?

Linoleum and Laminate flooring are also recommended, mainly due to low flammability. Due to Fire safety, flooring, burning, loss of mass, rate of flame spread, emissions. At this process, several flooring materials are used. Laminate and PVC flooring are ordinary as fireproof flooring.