How You Can Fix The Scratches On Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

How You Can Fix The Scratches On Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Choosing the flooring for your residential and commercial spaces can be daunting when there is an enormous range of options available. If you are looking for the most durable option other than hardwood and stone flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is a clear choice. LVT flooring is renowned as a replica of floorings like stone or wood.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a hardwearing floor covering treatment available in a diverse range of layouts and contemporary finishes. This flooring is the ideal solution for high-traffic areas and resists water as well. However, it is susceptible to scratches and damage. In this article, we’ll guide you through the scratch-repairing methods for luxury vinyl flooring.

Simple Methods for Repairing Scratches On Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you are worried about dents and scratches on luxury vinyl flooring, there’s no need to panic because you can repair it yourself using some proper tools and techniques. Vinyl flooring tiles can get damaged because of using sharp tools and moving furniture items from one place to another while renovating or changing the decor of your home. Let’s discuss the distinct ways you can use to repair the scratches on vinyl flooring.

1. Cleaning & Sanding

Cleaning & Sanding

Sometimes, your floors can get minor damage because of heavy foot traffic and the existence of pets at home. These kinds of scratches are easier to fix and eliminate using the cleaning method. To remove small scuffs and scratches on luxury vinyl flooring, you will need water and a grease-cutting soap.

But before initiating the repairing or sanding process, properly clean the vinyl floors and let them dry for some time. Sand the floors with p320 sandpaper and sand in the direction of the smallest scratches. To give a perfect finish, use p500 & p800 and vacuum the floors after the process.

2. Buffing & Waxing

Buffing & Waxing to remove scratches on vinyl flooring

Buffing and waxing the vinyl floors can also help you remove the slightest imperfections. If you think that the scratch is a bit deeper, you can use the waxing method on your vinyl floors. For this purpose, you can buy wax sticks that are easily available on the market.

Get wax and place it over more than minor scratches on luxury vinyl flooring. Apply the pressure so that it can smear over the scratch. To give the finest finish to your floors, buff the areas after you spread the wax over them. Use a piece of clean cloth and use elbow grease to buff the floors, moving the fiber in a circular motion until the floors get flat.

3. Rub Vinyl Floors With Tennis Ball

Rub Vinyl Floors With Tennis Ball

If cleaning and waxing don’t help you in removing the scratches on luxury vinyl flooring, you can use another easy method, which is rubbing the tennis ball over the scratch. This is the most uncommon method, but it can be very effective for you to repair the scratches on luxury vinyl flooring.

A tennis ball has a coarse texture and it will not make gouges in the floors when you rub it. You can use this ball as the best tool for this kind of floor repair. To remove the most visible scratches from the vinyl floors, buff the floors with a tennis ball and use a lint-free cloth to clean the area.

4. Use Scratch Concealer

Use Scratch Concealer

If you want to remove really deep scratches from the floors, such as gouges, you can use scratch concealer because it can conceal the visible white line and create an unwashable permanent seal.

Like waxing, it will not only help to eliminate the visible lines but also fill in the dent or gouge. You can take concealer and apply it directly over the affected area. Use a soft cloth to rub it over the scratch and continue the process until the residue is gone. Let the area cure for at least 4 hours and clean it after.

5. Replacing Vinyl Planks

Replacing Vinyl Planks

The last option you can opt for to repair the scratches is to remove the vinyl planks. The dents from furniture and sharp objects are not easy to eliminate with these methods. If using all these ways can’t help, you must replace the vinyl planks.

You can replace the scratched planks on the floors if the damage is severe. However, it depends on the type of installation, whether they were installed on glued-down surfaces or floating floors. The removal process for both can be different, and you can install a new plank matched to the existing floors.

Ending Note!

If you are worried about the scratches on luxury vinyl flooring planks, you can easily remove these dents by following some easy methods. Depending on the type and magnitude of the scratch or dent, you can start cleaning and sanding the vinyl floors.

If it doesn’t work out, you can use wax on your floors, and rubbing can also help you with it. Moreover, different scratch concealers are available in the stores. If the scratch is unrepairable, you can replace the vinyl planks.