How To Clean Wood floors? - 6 Easy And Effective Ways

How To Clean Wood Floors?

Most homeowners like to install hardwood flooring in their homes to uplift the overall look of their places. Wooden flooring basically gives an aesthetic appearance to the place and comes with a long lifespan. It creates an adorable look and is appealing due to its nature of running for a long period. While having so many perks, some people might think that it is hard to keep it clean. Well, it is completely wrong because hardwood flooring literally requires minimal maintenance and can last for a long time.

Here in this guide, some simple and easy steps are explained through which you can perfectly clean wood floors. These steps require no time and make your floor covering look brand new for a long time. Apply these following steps appropriately and save your time and money, which most people spend on hiring professionals. This is the best cleaning guide for hardwood flooring, which will also save your floor from harsh chemicals.

An Ultimate Guide To Clean Wood Floor

This top cleaning guide will help you get your wooden flooring Dubai neat and clean easily. These simple steps will save you money and energy. Restore the beauty of your floor by following these tips on how to clean wood floors properly. Avoid hiring cleaners for this simple task when you can get it done by following these mentioned steps.

1. Prepare Yourself With All The Cleaning Material

Wood flooring Cleaning Material

Before you start directly cleaning the floor, you must get all the materials. That way, you won’t get frustrated while doing the work. You might need a scrub brush, a clean cloth, a wet fiber mop, a dry fiber mop, vinegar, warm water, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, and a handheld vacuum. After getting all the materials, you are ready to perfectly clean your precious hardwood floor.

2. Clean Dirt From The Upper Surface Of Your Floor

Clean Dirt From The Upper Surface Of Your Floor

First, take a broom or a vacuum cleaner and start cleaning the loose dirt from your floor covering. Make sure to use the vacuum cleaner without the beater. because the beater bar could damage the upper surface of hardwood flooring.

Or, you can use a clean and dry mop, as it is a better option, and start dusting the floor out appropriately. Do not leave any area. Make sure you are mopping the entire floor so that there will be no dirt or debris. This will make the entire cleaning easy and quick.

3. Prepare The Cleaning Solution

Prepare cleaning solution for wood floor

When you are done vacuuming the floor covering. Now, start cleaning the floor surface properly. For that sake, you can use the ready-made cleaners that are available on the market, but they comprise some harsh chemicals which could damage the floor. Therefore, the good approach is to get the solution mixed by yourself.

You will need only cleaning vinegar or white distilled vinegar to make a solution. Take a gallon and get it filled with warm water. Add a cup of distilled white vinegar and a half cup of cleaning vinegar to that gallon of water. Give it a good shake so that the solution can get mixed up properly.

4. Clean The Floor With The Solution

Clean The Floor With The Solution

Now, grab another clean fiber mop and dip it into the solution. Start mopping the floor horizontally so that no area remains uncleaned. Do not forget to wring the mop before cleaning. Remember that the water should not be dripping off the mop.

You just need to get the mop damp enough to clean the flooring perfectly. Dip it into the solution again and wring it out to start cleaning it again. Keep repeating this step until you get the entire floor neat and clean.

5. Clean Up The Cracked Area

Clean Up The Cracked Area

If you see any cracks in your hardwood flooring, do not get upset. You can clean them up too, easily by yourself. Just take a soft-bristled brush and pour some solution that you prepared yourself over those cracks. Now, with the help of that brush, clean the cracks with slow hands.

Then, take a microfiber cloth and clean the area between the cracks so that there will be no dirt or any solution left. This is the easiest way to get your entire floor covering cleaned in no time and spruce up the home interior.

6. Let The Floor Get Dried

Let The Floor Get Dried

In the end, turn all the fans on, and let your floor covering dry completely. Make sure not to walk over its wet or damp surface. When it gets completely dry, you can easily use it and your living space will be beautified.

Your flooring will give an instantly adorable look and will create a tempting atmosphere. Therefore, you can easily increase the charm of your home while wasting no money. Just grab some materials that are already available in your home and clean the floor simply.

To Curl Up

Finally, I would highly recommend considering all the above-mentioned steps for cleaning your hardwood flooring. This amazing guide is a fantastic solution for your dirty hardwood floor. Following these easy steps, you will get a lot of help in the entire cleaning procedure.