How to Cut Thick Rubber Floor Mats Like a Pro (DIY Guide)

How To Cut Thick Rubber Floor Mats?

When you have a plan to lay rubber floor mats in your residential or commercial places, cutting off thick rubber mats is somewhat of a technical step. Today, Dubai Vinyl Flooring has come up with a complete guide to cutting thick rubber floor mats. We have enlisted all the necessary steps that you can follow for the finest DIY mat cutting.

Cut Thick Rubber Floor Mats: A DIY Guide

Cutting Of Thick Rubber Floor Mats

For complete assistance and to ensure a flawless cut, we have also made a list of necessary materials that you need to have for this project.

Supplies Needed To Cut Rubber Mat

  • Sharp Knife or Razor
  • Safety Gloves & Boots
  • Extra Blades
  • Measuring Tape
  • Straight Edge
  • Marker/ Chalk

Steps To Follow

Step 1- Equip Yourself With Safety Gear

As you’re going to work with a sharp knife or utility razor, you need to equip yourself with safety stuff, which mainly includes rubber gloves and long shoes. You can also utilize knee pads for extra comfort while cutting mats. By equipping yourself with safety equipment, you can reduce the chances of injury.

Step 2- Select A Plain Surface For Cutting

Select A Plain Surface For Cutting

There’s a possibility that a sharp knife can scratch your floor while cutting the rubber flooring. Therefore, choose such a floor area where minor knife scratches won’t be noticeable to visitors. You can choose a plywood, cardboard, garage, or basement floor for cutting thick mats.

Step 3- Take Precise Measurements Of Floor

Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of the flooring surface, and then multiply both length and width to get the square footage. This measurement will act as a reference for cutting exact pieces of rubber. Write this value on paper and pick the total size of the individual mat.

Step 4- Lay The Mats Out Flat

In this step, you will unroll the mat over a flat surface to remove all possible wrinkles or bumps. You can also place some heavy objects on top of the mat edges to keep them straight while marking or cutting.

Step 5- Mark Specified Dimensions On Mats

As per specific dimensions, mark lines on the mat surface with a bold marker or chalk for precise cutting. Always use a straight edge while marking the lines on the mat surface because it will lead to accurate cutting.

Step 6- Place Straight Edge Along Marked Line

When the mat surface gets straightened, start cutting it by placing the straight edge along the marked lines for precise cutting. The straight edge also keeps you on track instead of any deviation while rubbing the sharp knife on the mat.

Step 7- Score Mat Along Measurement Line

Run the sharp edge of your knife or blade on the top mat surface and avoid applying excessive force because it can create scratches on the floor surface. For the most effective results, keep moving the tip of the knife along the straightedge.

Step 8- Make Fine Cuts For A Custom Fit

Make Fine Cuts For A Custom Fit

For a custom fit, you need to cut the edges and corners of a thick mat as per your surface design and area. Because rubber mats come in rectangular formats, you have to cut them in an angular design.

Step 9- Clean Your Working Site

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, you need to clean debris from your working site with a broom. It must be ensured that you have removed all leftover rubber debris from the surface to protect your pets and children.

Final Words!

To conclude this DIY guide, we can say that cutting off thick rubber mats can become very easy with proper guidance. Dubai Vinyl Flooring has demonstrated a complete guide for precise mat cutting in multiple easy steps. If you want to accomplish this project on your own, just follow our aforementioned guide step by step.

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