How to Install the wooden floors - Step By Step Guide

How To Install A Wooden Floor?

Deciding on home flooring can be a difficult task for homeowners. Because there are so many options available on the market, investing in an ideal cover is a time-consuming decision. From soft and plush carpet floor coverings to PVC vinyl flooring, there is a complete range of options you will find. Considering the top priority of most homeowners, which is the durability of the flooring, hardwood floors come in at the top. They are worth investing in as they can run for generations.

Usually, people purchase this durable and adorable wooden floor and then hire a team of professionals to get it installed. You can perform this task by yourself, thus saving you money. No doubt, it is not an effortless task, but with a little help and energy, you can easily install the wooden floor at your home without hiring professionals. Here, we have come up with a complete guide on how to install a wooden floor.

Excellent Steps to Install the Wooden Floor Like A Pro

This guide comprises some outstanding steps regarding the installation of this endearing flooring in your living place. Follow these steps and install the wooden flooring professionally on your own. That way, you can save your money and get your special place enticed beautifully with this amazing floor covering.

1. Prepare Yourself And The Subflooring

Prepare Yourself And The Subflooring

Before you jump into the direct installation of these wooden planks, you should first get yourself prepared with all the required materials. Not only that, the installation of wooden flooring requires a prepared subfloor. Therefore, do all the preparations before moving toward the main installation process.

Level up the subflooring so that you can install the wooden floor equally. That way, you will get a smooth surface. Also, do not forget to remove any baseboards or trims if installed. This guide will help you with easy installation. Gather all the materials that are required for the installation process so that you won’t get frustrated during the work.

2. Analyze The Pattern And Install The First Row

Analyze The Pattern And Install The First Row

First, decide if you want to get the wide plank hardwood flooring stapled to the subflooring or if you want to glue it down. Also, determine which type of pattern you want to create with these durable wood planks on your home’s subflooring. After that, start installing the very first row of your flooring in your home area. Take the first wooden plank and place it toward the largest wall.

Make sure to leave at least ¾ inches gap between the wall and the planks. Place a spacer between them so that it will be easy for you to install the wooden floors that row by leaving the space against the wall. Take different lengths of planks and start installing them next to each other in a vertical direction. Stagger the end joints with each so that they can get locked properly.

3. Do The Nailing To Lock The Planks

Do The Nailing To Lock The Planks

After laying all the rows of planks, you can get them nailed so that they can get properly locked. Start by nailing the very first row of boards. You can do this step either after installing all the boards or by face-nailing them. Manual nailing after placing the boards is a more risky and difficult task to do.

After that, lock each board in its place by tapping the rubber mallet on its tongue so that it can get fixed properly. Then, nail each board with a gap of at least 6-7 inches. When you reach up to the last rows, start nailing them up and the planks last to fit in the space, leaving an expansion gap of ¾ inches.

4. Clear Up The Mess And Entice The Place

Clear Up The Mess And Entice The Place

Now, after nailing every board of the flooring, it is time to install all the trim boards or baseboards back into place. So that your living place can look appealing. Nail all the boards carefully so that you won’t hurt yourself while working. When everything gets installed, clear up the mess that was created while the installation is taking place.

Now take a broom and a mop to clean your precious and outstanding floor covering. Or you can vacuum the surface properly to save time. Make sure every nook of the area gets cleaned. Place the furniture, rugs, and other decorative elements and let your living space gain an admirable appearance. This high-end wood floor will add value to your home by giving it a classy and stylish look.

To Curl Up

Finally, I would recommend following these steps if you want to install the wooden floor by yourself. These steps require no professionals and will help you in getting the installation process completed professionally. I hope this guide inspires you to lay your floor covering at home. Install the wooden floor and embellish your space, saving you money.

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