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Kitchen Renovation Dubai

In order to achieve an incredible kitchen renovation, Dubai Vinyl Flooring provides you with a broad spectrum of innovative and peculiar kitchen renovation services.

Design and Planning

Cabinet Installation

Countertop Installation

Appliance Installation

Flooring Installation


Services We Provide

Best Kitchen Renovation Dubai
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Embrace The Perfect Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Dubai Vinyl Flooring is the top-notch Kitchen remodeling firm in Dubai offering a wide range of customizations and premium kitchen renovation services for homeowners.

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Most skillful team of Renovation Professionals and experts

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Proficient and long-lasting Kitchen Remodeling Services

We are one of the most renowned kitchen renovation contractors in Dubai, providing flawless remodeling of residential and commercial kitchens along with the best customized services.

Kitchen Cabinets

Our Kitchen interior experts can walk you through a wide range of kitchen cabinet treatments like Cabinet refacing, cabinet hardware installation, painting, refinishing, and cabinet lighting.

Kitchen Appliances

For kitchen remodeling and improvement, we provide appliance procurement and selection, custom appliance installation, integration, and appliance calibration.

Sustainable Materials

Besides flawless services, we care about making your investments valuable by providing durable and reliable materials used in kitchen renovation and remodeling.

Energy-efficient Remodeling

Creating energy-efficient kitchen interiors is our topmost priority. Our services will make your kitchen interior well-optimized in terms of temperature, airiness and brightness.

Efficient Kitchen Makeovers

Our interior specialists remodel your kitchen outlook by upgrading lights, painting cabinets, kitchen mats, and updating appliances. Our renovation experts utilize their best skills to ensure quick kitchen makeovers.

Elegant Kitchen Renovation design

Elegant Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Kitchen Design

Durable Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Customized Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Customized Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Modern Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Modern Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Luxury Kitchen Renovation design

Luxury Kitchen Renovation Dubai

First Class Kitchen Renovation Dubai

First Class Kitchen Renovation Dubai

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Transform Your Kitchens with our excellence

We utilize innovative technologies and unique skills to renovate your kitchen in a budget-friendly and personalized way.

Customized Project Management

You can make all your preferred aesthetic elements added to your new kitchen interiors and make them incredibly pleasant for yourself.

Kitchen Automation Systems

In renovation, we also work on kitchen automation by installing automated systems in home kitchens to control light, ventilation, climate, and music control.

Get Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling

We provide affordable kitchen remodeling services to our clients. Our experts provide smart budget plans for every kitchen improvement requirement. We ensure maximizing your kitchen’s aesthetics in unique ways.

Affordable Pricing


Added Convenience

By providing thoughtful plans and focusing on cost-effective upgrades, we help you achieve a pocket-friendly kitchen for your villa and apartment renovation that enhances both the functionality and aesthetics of the entire space.

Frequently Asked Questions

By updating cabinet hardware, applying a fresh coat of paint, adding modern lighting, replacing countertops, and upgrading appliances, you can give a new look to your kitchens.

Yes, you can get your kitchen cupboards wrapped in vinyl, thermofoil, wood veneer, or adhesive materials for a budget-friendly and modern transformation.

Yes of course! Personalization or customization is pivotal in every kitchen renovation. You can tailor layout, colors contrast, materials, and features according to your preferences and needs.

Kitchen renovation periods vary based on scope of the project. Simple renovation can take weeks, while full remodeling can take a few months. It all depends upon your requirements.

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