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Looking for affordable living room furniture in Dubai? Dubai Vinyl Flooring provides trendsetting essentials to create ideal seating areas. Our Dubai furniture stores provide the best-quality furniture at low rates to spice up your living room’s decor.

Living Room Media Units
Living Room End Tables
Living Room Corner Sofas
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Discover The Versatility Of Our Classy Living Room Furniture Items 

Recliner And Accent Chairs

You can buy our accent chairs with eye-catching styles to create the focal point in living rooms. Additionally, our recliners will be a functional addition with adjustable seating and reclining.

Cabinets And Shelves

Our living room cabinets come in all sorts of designs for every interior theme. You can also get these cabinets with a space to mount a TV and shelves to keep different accessories.

Central Or Coffee Table

Our central table will be the center of attraction for the visitors to your homes. Aside from that, you can create an ideal relaxing spot for yourself with our coffee tables that come in appealing shapes.

Corner And Sectional Sofas

For small living spaces, invest in our corner sofas for comfortable seating. For large spaces, you can buy sectional sofas with multiple seating options to create an inviting look.

Living Room Sofa Bed

We also provide the most comfortable and multi-purpose sofa bed that can be seamlessly turned into a sleeping bed, saving space and providing a comfy spot for sleeping.


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Our Catalog Of Modern Living Room Furniture

living room seating area

Elegant Living Room Furniture Dubai

Durable Living Room Furniture Dubai

Durable Living Room Furniture Dubai

Corner sofa set

Customized Living Room Furniture Dubai

Modern style living room furniture

Classic Living Room Furniture Dubai

Affordable Living Room Furniture Dubai

Affordable Living Room Furniture Dubai

First Class Living Room Furniture Dubai

First Class Living Room Furniture Dubai

Wondrous Features Of Our Stylish Living Room Sets

We provide extraordinary furnishing elements for interior decoration. Our luxury home decor essentials come with enormous useful aspects.

Favorable Addition

You can boost the aesthetics of your homes with our fine living room furniture items, exhibiting unique styles and appearance.

Sustainable Items

Our ideal living room sets are manufactured using hard-wearing materials to ensure longevity.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance of our damage-resistant furniture won’t be arduous for the consumers.

Versatile Choices

You have broad choices available for the furniture materials including glass, metal, plywood, and leather.


Services We Provide

Finest Living Room Furniture Dubai
Reliable Living Room Furniture Dubai

Buy Luxury Living Room Furniture At Pocket-Friendly Rates

Dubai Vinyl Flooring is your trustworthy partner when it comes to creating luxurious living rooms. We provide you with home furnishings to improve your existing decor by many folds. With our one-of-a-kind furniture items, you can improve the worth, functionality, and usage convenience of your homes. Our furniture is manufactured according to the latest trends and unique demands of clients.

The most intriguing fact about our furniture is the low pricing. Our entire living room furniture set including center tables and storage cabinets is available for sale. Additionally, you can order lounge room chairs online at the lowest prices.


Create Your Dream Living Spaces With Our Custom Furniture Options

Style every corner of your living spaces with our eye-catching furniture elements. We provide luxury furniture for living room sets in your bespoke style and size. Whether it’s a center table for a living room or a corner sofa, we offer you a huge assortment of styles, materials, and shapes for each item.

You can also pick furnishing items by type such as classic, traditional, or contemporary. For instance, you can get modern living room furniture made from wood or leather. Our wooden furniture for the living room includes storage cabinets, shelves, footrest tables, TV units, and sofas. We create custom furniture pieces that work for every usage scenario in sizes and styles.

Why Prefer Us For Living Room Furniture Dubai?

Dubai Vinyl Flooring is the one-stop source to shop for luxury furniture essentials for living room embellishment. From our store, you can get every kind of furniture to incorporate into your living spaces. We stock trendy styles of sofas, tables, couches, and chairs to enhance the comfort and functionality of your homes. Aside from that, you can shop for furniture built to your specifications to create cohesive interiors.

Our custom furniture services are meant to provide you with the most suitable pieces. With our excellent craftsmanship, you can be sure of getting durable furniture essentials. From customizations to consultations, furniture delivery to assembling, and maintenance to interior design tips, you can count on our excellence for each servicing aspect.

living room furniture in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important furniture item of a living space is the sofa. Additionally, the crucial elements for a living space include chairs, couches, tables, TV units, and other accessories. For spacious living rooms, bean bags and recliners can also be incorporated.

Depending on the space dimensions of your living rooms, sectional sofas are the best choice to settle for. These sofas are available with various material options, multiple seatings, framings, upholstery, and size options.

To set up furniture in your small living spaces, you can turn windows into a seating area. Invest in custom sized furniture with a storage option. Additionally, prioritize a smart placement of sofas, tables, and couches.

A corner sofa is a great choice because it will take up minimal space in your living space. To create a stylish and functionally favorable space, these sofas are the best options.

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