Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Luxury Vinyl Flooring


If you want stylish, low maintenance, or the best durable alternative to your natural wood flooring, then luxury vinyl flooring is the best option for your flooring designs. It is manufactured by using much modern technique and composed of layers of PVC by fusion together in the presence of high pressure and contains a UV protective coating at the top layer that helps to protect your flooring fading and make it perfect for hot climates. Luxury vinyl flooring Dubai is an ideal choice for your kitchens and bathrooms as well as for heavy traffic areas for your home.

Advantages Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best affordable substitutes for other flooring products, and it provides you with excellent value for your money.

Large durable, luxury vinyl tiles that are built-in for a commercial environment and withstand pressure. Vinyl flooring is very versatile & available as waterproof vinyl flooring. That can use for your kitchens and bathrooms, dining rooms, and lounges. Famous for low maintenance and help to protect your floor from scratches and stains.


Installation of luxury vinyl tiles

 We offer two installation methods:  

  • Glue down
  • Click

Glue down method 

 The glue we use for vinyl flooring is thinner, more flexible, and ideal for those who want something like self-adhesive floor tiles or peel and stick vinyl tile. Due to its ability to direct attachment onto the subfloors.

 Click range method

 The click range method mostly uses relatively thick vinyl flooring that is made from interlocking vinyl tiles and its activities directly as a floating floor. As best vinyl installation services we offer you that you can order the correct amount of luxury vinyl flooring for your project flooring.

 Why us? 

 Dubai vinyl flooring is one of the best suppliers of luxury vinyl flooring products & services in Dubai for your both residential and commercial use. We are the pioneers of vinyl flooring and offer you the widest range to meet your needs as we value your money and style so contact us today!