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100% Natural Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai

If you want stylish, low maintenance, and the best durable alternatives to your natural wood flooring, then Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai is the best option for your flooring designs. This exceptional-quality Vinyl Flooring is manufactured, using modern techniques, with the fusion of PVC layers, under high temperature and pressure.

Its top-most layer features a UV protective coating that helps protect the existing flooring from fading, in addition to making it resistant to severe climatic conditions. Dubai vinyl flooring is the ideal platform for you to buy high-quality Luxury vinyl tile flooring Dubai for your home.

Flooring Installation Service

Advantages Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring and tiles have become a lot more popular these days because of their tendency to stand up in moist environments. It is one of the best affordable substitutes for other flooring types. Luxury Vinyl flooring, as compared to carpets, gives your house a more spacious and adorable look. is certainly the matchless one among all flooring companies in Dubai when it comes to the choice of best quality waterproof vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring gives your house a smooth and presentable finish, as well as a captivating appearance too. It is extensively versatile and can be used for your kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, hallways, and all other spaces. The low-maintenance Vinyl flooring is renowned for being perfectly scratch and stain-resistant and hence sustaining the best sleek look of your home.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai comes with two main installation methods:

  • Glue down method
  • Click method


As per the Glue-down method, we practice the use of a more flexible, finer, and thinner glue. That is the best choice for those of you who prefer more of the self-adhesive floor tiles or the peel and stick vinyl tiles. Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai gets directly attached to the subfloors and looks entirely elegant.


This method of Luxury vinyl click Flooring installation is free from all the messes of adheres and sticky substances. This installation mostly uses the relatively thick vinyl flooring that is made from interlocking vinyl tiles as a floating floor.

Our best vinyl installation services include expert consultations as well so that you can easily order the correct amount of luxury vinyl flooring for your floor.



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WHY CHOOSE US is one of the best suppliers of luxury vinyl flooring products & services in Dubai for both your residential and commercial uses. We are the specialists of vinyl flooring services and offer you the widest ranges in this regard. 

Our exclusive made-to-measure flooring comes with endless choices of designs, patterns, and colors so that you can conveniently select the best for yourself. Do Contact us for the best quality flooring for your ideal home decor, and that too, at the best reasonable rates.

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