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When talking about commercial areas, a sleek, professional, and captivating appearance is certainly the most influential factor as it has a major share in creating the initial impression, which of course, must be just the perfect.

If you’ve got a fine aesthetic vision, regarding the styling of your commercial space, then we, at, will make all your decor fantasies become a ravishing reality our Office Vinyl Flooring. Having that said, we offer you the finest versions of vinyl floors for your dearest offices.

These are, by far, the best vinyl flooring solutions making your workspace environment adequately formal as well as relaxing too, so as to boost maximum productivity.

Flooring Installation Service

Explore The Classy Office Vinyl Flooring Options

Consider Taking the Best Flooring Ideas & OPTIONS FOR YOU

  •   Vinyl Office Flooring
  •   Carpets
  •   Carpet tiles
  •   Ceramic tiles
  •   Laminate Flooring
  •   Rubber

Check out the truly unique features: provides you the best designs and ideas for your office flooring. This is a remarkably Stylish flooring for offices, giving off an adorable appearance. Office vinyl flooring is one of the best ideas for elegant office decor. Not to mention, we will be providing you the best and timeless installation services, as well.

  • Our skilled professionals arrive at your place with a large variety of products along with great recommendations from among the samples.
  • Our doorstep services are absolutely free of cost.
  • We accomplish the fitting and installation procedures, in the most proficient manner.
  • We accept orders in bulk and wholesale.
  • We have the best decor ideas.

Why use vinyl flooring in the office?

 Vinyl planks for offices are the best choice for your office vinyl flooring. Following are some of the benefits, justifying this statement.

  •         Strong
  •         Affordable and durable.
  •         Anti-flammable and hence easy to handle.
  •         Highly hygienic and prevents the growth of bacteria
  •         Optimizes temperature
  •         Features waterproof properties
  •         Comfortable and eco friendly
  •         Easy to clean and maintain
  •         Effortless to install



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Dubai Vinyl Flooring provides you with the best vinyl flooring in the market. Our customized made-to-measure office vinyl flooring comes within a wide range of designs, patterns, and styles. You can choose the best stuff for your office in accordance with its existing decor.

We have designed specialized luxury vinyl flooring for office spaces, co-working settings, breakrooms, meeting areas, and general office lobbies.

We are the best vinyl floor suppliers in UAE delivering high-quality flooring materials at reasonable rates. Our experienced professionals are 24/7 available for expert installation services. So you just need to select your favorite design and color of office vinyl flooring from our displays and we’ll be accomplishing it all for you.

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