PVC Skirting


PVC skirting is the best thing for your floors that have many functions. You can either add it to your floor by providing protection or use for decorative purpose too. If you want to add unique designs and patterns, then this is the best option for floor layout.

Skirting is now an essential factor like other materials can also use for skirting rather than PVC such as vinyl, laminate, plastic, wood, and aluminium you can use for distinct skirting. It is available for an extensive range of PVC skirting’s, with maximum performance & maintenance. So you can choose between set-in, sit on the flat as per demand. 


Features and Benefits of PVC skirting:

 PVC skirting UAE has many distinct and unique features and benefits.

  • Various heights available to suit a wide range of commercial applications
  •   PVC skirting provides a low maintenance alternative to timber skirting
  • Supplied in 2m lengths or 15m coils (to minimize the number of vertical joints) 
  • Suitable for use with floor coverings from all major manufacturers  

Types of skirting

 As there are a wide variety of types of skirting and you can select a favourite skirting for your room or office as you desire to make layouts. Moreover, we are one of the best suppliers of skirting items in the UAE plus PVC skirting board for your flooring. So you can compare us with other company’s skirting items in price and quality. Here are the few types of skirting we provide: 

  1. Pencil Skirting
  2. Wooden Skirting.
  3. Double layer Skirting.
  4. PVC Skirting.
  5. Flush Skirting.
  6. Metal Skirting.

Installation of PVC Skirting

 You can hire us for the installation of your PVC skirting as we put effort to supply your quality skirting products.

 It is accessible in numerous ways, as it will help to improve your appearance of the whole room. So to install your skirting follow the rundown requirements along lines and go for the choice of best skirting for your place.

 Why us? 

We Dubai vinyl flooring are one of the best sellers of skirting PVC as you can consider the advantages of skirting you buy from us. We provide you with high-quality conventional wood skirting stems with extreme sturdy, simple to join and necessarily support free. So you can consider us or contact us today for more info.