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Skirting is the best thing for your floors that have many functions. You can either add it to your floor to provide protection or use it for decorative purposes, as well. If you want to add unique designs and patterns, then PVC Skirting Dubai is the best option for floor layout. PVC deck Skirting is the best solution for floors with many functions. As a skirting supplier in Dubai, we have a number of unique designs and patterns available. PVC floor skirting Dubai is the top-notch precise skirting board that perfectly hides the uneven edges and dents between walls and floors.

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Features and Benefits of PVC Skirting

PVC flexible skirting board has many distinctive features and benefits.

  • Suitable for use with floor coverings from all major manufacturers.
  • 100% waterproof – ideal for an environment with high humidity.
  • Sustainable and robust – PVC floor Skirting Dubai is dental, scratch, and scuff resistant.
  • Back recess – perfect for electric wires to conceal.
  • Environmentally-Friendly – PVC Skirting board is made of recycled polystyrene.
  • This skirting helps to maintain the structure of your home.
  • The Skirting materials are polished in a sleek way similar to wood, making them cheaper and more appealing if you’re on a budget.

In some areas of the house, Skirting boards are usually preferred. Moreover, it is suitable for bathrooms as well, because of the lack of moisture in the plastic. A ‘plastic feel’ would give a fresh and contemporary appearance to the bathroom.

PVC Skirting Types

As there are wide varieties of types of skirting and you can select a favorite skirting for your room or office, the way you desire to make your layouts. We are the leading ones among the best suppliers of skirting items in the UAE as well as PVC skirting board for your flooring. Here are the few types of skirting we provide:

  1. Pencil Skirting
  2. Wooden Skirting.
  3. Double layer Skirting.
  4. Flush Skirting.
  5. Metal Skirting.

Skirting Designs

PVC Skirting Installation

You can hire us, by all means,  for the installation of your skirting as we put our major efforts into supplying you the quality skirting products. It is accessible in numerous ways, and it will significantly help to improve the appearance of the whole room. So, in order to install your skirting, follow the rundown requirements along lines and go for the choice of best skirting for your place, in the easiest way.

Let’s have a look at some important steps for the installation of PVC Skirting in Dubai.

Step 1: Take measurements

Step 2: Locate the wall studs

Step 3: Cut the inner corners

Step 4: Cut the outer corners

Step 5: Attach the skirting boards

Step 6: Cut the molding

Step 7: Attach the molding

Step 8: Finish the skirting boards



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We, at Dubai vinyl flooring, are one of the best sellers of PVC skirting as you can consider the advantages of skirting you buy from us. As a manufacturer of PVC skirts in Dubai, we provide a seamless building and installation of skirting. We are one of the best skirting suppliers in Dubai, possessing the widest range of skirting designs that can help you choose the right skirting solution for your places. We offer exclusive custom packages of remarkable PVC skirting designs as well as imports of skirts, which comply with international standards of construction and designing.

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