How To Refinish Wooden Floors? - 3 Top Effective Ways

The Best Ways To Refinish Your Home Wood Floors

Most homeowners want to install wooden flooring in their homes. Because wood floor coverings always give a classy and adorable look. Homeowners go for this exquisite floor because it comes with so many advantages. It has been the best choice for every homeowner as it is economical and highly durable. The easy-to-clean factor of this flooring makes it unique and appealing among all other floor coverings. But, after some specific period, this attractive flooring needs to be refinished.

Most people do not know how to refinish wooden floors. Thus, in this post, a Dubai flooring expert has explained some astounding ways to refinish the wood floor to provide you with ultimate ease. You can either hire some professionals to perform this task or do it by yourself as per your comfort. Professionals will cost you a lot because once it gets refinished, it can run for a long time.

An Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Refinished Wooden Floors

You now have this professional guide to getting your wood flooring Dubai refinished properly. We have done great research with some professionals and then come up with the refinishing methods mentioned in this guide. After knowing these top refinishing ideas, you can easily make your dearest living place look embellished without replacing your home floor.

1. Get Your Floor Refinished With An Abrasion Kit

Get Your Floor Refinished With An Abrasion Kit

This chemical abrasion method is done by professionals, but you can do it by yourself as these kits are easily available in any store. You will find everything that is required for the refinishing of wooden floors in that kit. This is the easiest and simplest method to refinish your hardwood flooring. Clear the area that needs refinishing. Move all the furniture out and start applying the liquid.

You can apply this liquid to the surface with the help of a pod and a broom handle. Although you can perform this task using your hands,. Wear safety gloves so that there will be no effect on your skin. Also, it will be a lot easier to do this step with the help of the broom handle and the pad. Apply the liquid evenly over the surface. Do a second coat on the deeper scratches. Apply a refinisher so that your flooring can get a new shine again.

2. Apply The Polyurethane Solution For Refinishing

Apply The Polyurethane Solution For Refinishing

Another excellent method is the use of polyurethane solutions. Most homeowners who have hardwood flooring installed choose this method because refinishing a wooden floor with this solution takes significantly longer. It takes years to get it refinished again. Hence, you can go for this method if you want to boost the lifespan of your home flooring. However, this method demands that the old surface be rough enough so that the new layer can sit well. Unlike the chemical abrasion method, you might need a buffer here to get the surface rough.

Sanding the scratched area is also a good approach. When you see the entire area getting completely rough, apply the polyurethane solution properly and nicely so that your floor can get a nice finishing touch. You can use either water-based urethane or oil-based urethane, depending on what type of finish you want. Budding will help your flooring get even in every area.

3. Go For The Re-vitalizer

Go For The Re-vitalizer

If you are looking for the cheapest and simplest method to get your floor covering refinished, then a re-vitalizer is an ideal option to opt for. You do not need any equipment for this method, and you can get the job done without getting tired. But this method can work perfectly when your floor has minimal scratches and requires a coating to get its original shine back. Before applying this method, make sure your flooring is clean enough.

A cleaned floor will get a nice and perfect finishing touch with this revitalizer gloss. You can use vinegar mixed with water for the wood flooring cleaning process. Clean the entire floor with the help of a damp mop dipped in this solution. Now, start applying the re-vitalizer gloss over the surface smoothly, following the instructions given along with that solution. Let the floor dry out after the application and move all the furniture items back where they were placed before.

To Sum Up

Finally, I would strongly recommend following these amazing methods if your floor needs refinishing. Refinishing wooden floors always gives off a brand-new look and enhances the overall decor statement of your home area.

However, it might cost you a certain amount. At the same time, these refinishing methods will save you the amount that you invested in the purchase of this endearing wood floor covering. Apply these methods and give your place an admirable appearance.

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