Armstrong Alterna Reviews | Durability, Comfort & Designs

Armstrong Alterna Reviews

Armstrong Alterna is a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that is crafted with limestone (calcium carbonate), salts, and different gases. This flooring option is popular due to its unique durability, comfort, and aesthetics. These types of vinyl tiles are designed in endless sizes and can be installed with adhesive glue. To make your flooring soundproof and comfortable, Armstrong Alterna tiles offer long-lasting acoustic and absorbent features.

Due to the residential and commercial uses of Armstrong Alterna tiles, we aim to present a well-rounded perspective that potential consumers can rely on to make informed decisions. This review will touch upon key aspects of these tiles, such as installation processes, long-term durability, and ease of maintenance. Moreover, we have enlisted any notable pros and cons highlighted by actual users.

Performance And Durability

Performance And Durability

Scratch and Stain Resistance

If you’re looking for the best quality, stain- or scratch-resistant flooring, Armstrong Alterna is an excellent flooring tile. The thick wear layer of Armstrong Alterna is crafted with stones and other natural materials that make the flooring surface highly stain-resistant.

Water Proofness

These tiles are highly favorable for kitchen and bathroom flooring due to their unique moisture resistance. Both of these areas have a higher moisture content due to the extensive use of water. For high-traffic areas, its plain and wrinkle-free surface resists stubborn spills or spots.

Longevity and Warranty

If we talk about their lifespan and warranty, these tiles ensure extensive longevity and a lifetime warranty among various flooring options. We have heard from different users that these heavy-duty tiles give promising results due to their unique manufacturing and resistant wear layer.

Comfort And Acoustics

Comfort And Acoustics

Underfoot Feel

As compared to other flooring options such as wood, ceramic, or porcelain, these tiles maintain a comfortable flooring surface for underfoot. Our customers had wonderful experiences with these high-quality tiles. They claimed that these LVT tiles enhanced their foot comfort due to the use of natural materials.

Noise Reduction

If you want to make your bedroom and living room more calm and peaceful, you should cover your floors with these luxury tiles. The multiple layers of these tiles assist in absorbing unnecessary sound from their surroundings. The wear layer of these tiles has more thickness as compared to other flooring materials, hence improving their acoustic functions.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation & Maintenance

DIY Friendliness

For DIY enthusiasts, these tiles also offer easy installation methods with easily accessible tools. You can install these LVT tiles with click-lock or glue-down methods smoothly. With a utility knife, trowel, spacers, level, adhesives, and coordinated grout, you can initiate this DIY project of installing Armstrong Alterna tiles.

Professional Installation

The professional installation of Armstrong Alterna tiles provides endless benefits, such as a low budget as compared to other flooring options. In addition, the installation of these tiles takes much less time and labor than other flooring. Our multiple customers from Dubai have shared their best experiences with this flooring in terms of labor cost and duration.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Due to their timeless scratch, stain, and dust resistance, these luxury vinyl tiles can be smoothly cleaned and maintained. However, you should use a high-quality cleaner or detergent to remove stains or spills. After washing it with detergent, you can use a shiner to restore its shine and texture. Furthermore, regular vacuuming is essential to avoid dust and dirt accumulation on the floor surface.

Aesthetics and Designs

Aesthetics & Designs

Variety Of Styles

Alterna tiles are crafted in various colors, patterns, and textures to complement your personalization. These luxury tiles are available in beige, blue, black, brown, copper, grey, green, silver, white, yellow, and multiple other colors. Moreover, these heavy-duty tiles are designed with stony or wooden textures to enhance the natural beauty of your flooring.

Realistic Look

The eye-catching textures of these tiles mimic the natural textures of wood and stones. However, these LVTs also unlock boundless realistic shades and linings of stones, ceramics, and wood. To ensure these realistic appearances, we have gathered feedback from our customers. Our customers claim that these tiles not only give a natural appearance but also maintain softness.

Customization Options

Armstrong Alterna vinyl tiles provide a broad range of customization options for installation. You can choose a personalized border design and grout line with multiple solid or neutral colors. The non-porous grout is available in a wide range of durable and water-resistant materials. Moreover, these tiles can also be installed with multiple patterns, such as single-tile, double-tile, triple-tile, or multiple-tile patterns.

Pros and Cons Of Armstrong Alterna Tiles

Pros & Cons Of Armstrong Alterna Tiles

Pros Of Armstrong Alterna Tiles

  • These heavy-duty tiles are highly water-resistant.
  • Available in boundless designs, colors, and patterns.
  • Provide maximum underfoot comfort and warmth.

Cons Of Armstrong Alterna Tiles

  • High installation costs if you get professional services.


Regarding vinyl tiles, Armstrong Alterna tiles ensure both aesthetic and functional aspects. These tiles provide maximum underfoot comfort and warmth due to their soft and thick wear layer. In addition, these tiles require very little cleaning and maintenance due to their outstanding stains, scratches, and water resistance qualities. Their unexceptional longevity and affordable cost-value force the users to cover their floor surfaces with these multi-functional tiles.

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