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Semi Solid wood Flooring by Dubai Vinyl Flooring is such a versatile product that it can give you a perfect flooring solution even in rooms in which moisture level and temperature do not remain constant. This flooring is called semi-solid because of the way it is constructed. This flooring is insanely durable and can be a proper and perfect solution for your floors. You can get these semi-solid floorings at very affordable prices and they will not make a painful blow to your budget.

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Solid Oak Semi Wood Flooring

Solid oak

Solid Walnut Semi Wood Flooring

Solid Walnut

Creative Crafting Of Our Semi Solid Wood Flooring

We manufacture semi solid wood flooring using a core board of layers and ply layers that we bond together to make a solid base on which a layer of solid wood is fixed. The core board is manufactured by bonding anything with about 3 to 12 layers of ply, making it extraordinarily strong. We bond this ply in the sandwich style or cross-layered method.

The thickness of the board is another factor that cannot be neglected in manufacturing these semi solid wood flooring. The 3 and multi-ply wood flooring is commonly manufactured in thicknesses between 15 and 20mm. The thickness of the top layer of solid wood ranges between 3 mm to 6mm and which you choose will depend on your budget.

Get Semi-Solid Wood Flooring At Affordable Rates In Dubai

Semi-solid flooring rates depend on the thickness of the top wood layer that you choose. Semi-solid flooring with different thicknesses of top layers has different prices. But at Dubai Vinyl Flooring, we offer semi-solid wood flooring and semi-solid parquet flooring of high quality at very competitive rates on the market. We guarantee that our rates are the best in the entire market. We also offer handsome discounts to our customers so that they can avail themselves of the opportunity of getting high-quality semi solid wood flooring products at cheap and affordable prices in Dubai.



Unbeatable Advantages Of Semi-solid Flooring

There are several benefits that you can have after getting our extraordinary-quality flooring. Semi-solid flooring can give you the following benefits:

  • It can withstand drastic changes in humidity and temperature.
  • They are extremely durable products.
  • Semi Solid wood flooring keeps up the look of your floors for several years.
  • You can install it easily.
  • Semi-solid flooring is less expensive as compared to hardwood flooring.
  • It is very easy to maintain.

We Are The Best Semi-Solid Flooring Suppliers In Dubai

Dubai Vinyl Flooring is a leading brand in the world of wooden flooring. We not only manufacture flooring in Dubai but are the topmost semi-solid flooring supplier in Dubai as well. Our company provides our clients with the best quality semi-solid flooring at their doorstep. We are a customer-oriented company and always manufacture and supply our products in the UAE at a possibly lower cost. We are undoubtedly the best suppliers of semi solid wood flooring products, not only in Dubai but also in the entire UAE.

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Dubai Vinyl Flooring is a top-notch manufacturing and flooring company in Dubai. Our customer representatives are active 24/7 to entertain your questions and queries. We provide our clients with the best-quality products every time. Our company is the most reliable and certified. We have the best semi solid wood flooring installation service as well. With the most hardworking team, we always deliver the product at the promised time and guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.

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