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Dubai Vinyl Flooring brings an excellent collection of skirting tiles to provide a super presentable finish to your walls and enhance their durability to a considerable extent. Our skirting tiles are designed with stone, ceramics, porcelain, timber, PVC, and wooden materials. meant to protect and secure the bottoms of your walls, and that too, with the addition of a phenomenally lovely finishing!

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Services We Provide

Skirting Tiles

Our Stylish Skirting Tiles Upgrade Your Walls Ambiance

We craft durable, moisture and scratch-resistant skirting tiles for your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hospitals, hotel rooms, and schools. From skirting vinyl boards to tiles, we have a vast and equally favorable canvas for you to discover. In addition to securing exceptional durability and craftsmanship, our highest quality skirting baseboards in Dubai tend to give a perfect appearance to any of the wall imperfections.

What You Can Expect:

Choose these tailored tiles with custom colors, designs, textures, and sizes to give your wall a personalized ambiance.

We offer the best value for all your money spent on the longevity of your walls, up to the extent of your delightful satisfaction.

In manufacturing tiles, we use top-quality polishes and protective liners to keep the surface clean, shiny, and scratch-free.

Give Your Walls A Finished Look With Our Elegant Tiles!

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Trendsetting Types Of Our Skirting Tiles

PVC Wall Skirting

Our PVC skirting is perfect for commercial building walls due to its high resilience and maximum custom options.

rubber roll flooring
PVC Wall Skirting

MDF Skirting Tile

These moisture-resistant pieces keep your wall surface free from imperfections, and scratches by providing a finished look.

MDF Skirting Tile

Wooden Wall Skirting

We use premium-quality woods (timber, mahogany, or walnut) to craft highly textured and durable wooden skirting pieces for your wall surface.

interlocking rubber tiles
Wooden Wall Skirting

Aluminum Skirting

Our Titanium, Silver anodized and brushed Aluminum tiles ensure a fine wall look due to extra polishing and custom color shades.

Wooden Wall Skirting

Our Latest Projects Of Wall Skirting 2024

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skirting board
MDF skirting install

Explore The Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Our Skirting Tiles

The professional craftsmanship and premium quality materials make our tiles highly functional, long-lasting, thermally insulating, and fine. Explore the unique privileges of our tiles now:


Modern Finishing

We design our tiles with a wide range of colors, protective coatings, and finishing materials to enhance the beauty and texture of the wall surface.

Thermally Insulating

To ensure high energy efficiency, our skirting covers keep your inside temperature constant by covering perforations between the wall and floor.


Eco-Friendly Tiles

We use renewable materials in fabricating these eco-friendly tiles that ensure low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere.


Easy Maintenance

Our dust, stain, and scratch-resistant tiles require very low maintenance, hence providing complete safety with minimal care and cleaning effort.

Skirting Tiles

Approach Our Team For Skirting Tiles Installation In Dubai

Are you looking for a proficient team in Dubai that knows how to install tiles at the interior wall base? Before installation, we visit your desired location to inspect the surface. If there is any need for wall preparation, we use high-quality filling or adhesive materials.

Free Wall Measurements

Our team takes accurate wall measurements with modern gauges and tools for cutting perfect-sized pieces. After installation, we fill the gaps between the adjacent tiles with heavy-duty grout material. We ensure a clean surface by removing extra material with a clean cloth.

Use Of Precise Techniques

To enhance the bonding of tiles/boards with the wall surface, we use a leveler and mallet. To maintain a fine or equal gap between tiles, we use spaces while attaching tiles to the wall surface. Contact our team now for an urgent booking.

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Why Choose Us?

Dubai Vinyl Flooring strives to take the best care of all your belongings, whether it’s your home’s flooring or the walls around you. Having that said, we’ve got you an incredible way of not just improving the longevity of your walls but also adding delightful beautification within your interiors, that is skirting baseboards/tiles. Our first-rate floor skirting in Dubai is the most genius way to ensure the fact that your walls remain perfectly serviceable as well as highly attractive for years straight!


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