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The whole solid wood flooring is throughout constructed from a single piece of solid wood. This flooring usually comes in strips whose width ranges from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. Or sometimes the boards are cut down that have a width between 4 and 8 inches. The thickness of these strips and planks is generally 0.75 inches. These planks come in both prefinished or unfinished types. It totally depends upon the preferences of the customers. Pre-finished solid hardwood flooring is most commonly used nowadays, but if you want to get your planks finished at your worksite, then it is not a problem as well.

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walnut solid wood floor

walnut solid wood floor

Oak solid wood flooring

OAK Solid Wood

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The installation of solid hardwood flooring is not a simple task. You definitely have to hire professionals to get your solid wood flooring glued down to the floor. We are also the best solid timber flooring installation company that has the best flooring fixers not only in Dubai but also in the entire United Arab Emirates. Our professionals have complete knowledge of installing this type of flooring because it has to be glued down or nailed to the floor. Our professional floor installing staff will provide you with a perfect and on-time flooring service at affordable rates at your doorstep.

Different Solid Wood Flooring Types

We provide our customers with different kinds of solid hardwood floorings that are mentioned below:


The most common type of solid wood flooring used nowadays is oak. Because it provides you warmth and has the perfect texture and colors. It definitely elevates the looks of your house.


Another famous solid hardwood flooring material is maple. Maple is much lighter and susceptible to stains more easily, just like oak.


This solid hardwood flooring gives your floor a luxurious and royal appearance.


If you want to make the intricate details of your floor visible, then hickory is definitely the best solid wood flooring option that you will ever have.


Bamboo flooring has a totally distinctive look. It is environmentally friendly and the most extremely durable flooring option for your floor.

Matchless Advantages Of Solid Wood Flooring Dubai

If you are planning to install solid hardwood flooring, then you must know about the different incomparable benefits of it. Some of the striking advantages of hardwood flooring area are as follows:

  • Solid hardwood flooring is extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • It is versatile in nature.
  • Solid Wood Flooring comes in classy colors, looks, and textures.
  • If you install this solid hardwood in planks, then it is more likely to elevate the beauty of the floor to the next level.
  • Solid timber flooring gives you the finest finishing details after installation.



Best Application Places Of Our Perfectly Crafted Hardwood Floorings

As this flooring is much more flexible and adaptable that you can install it in different themes and places. The solid wood flooring by our company can make a perfect match with the interiors of your house and increases the beauty as well. You can use it anywhere you want to make the floor beautiful and appealing.

As it is insanely durable so people prefer to install it in the high-traffic areas of their houses. You can install it in your Hallways, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, and Bedrooms, etc. They are anti-slip in nature, so you must try to install them in the most trafficked areas of your house, such as hallways, to avoid any serious injury.

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Dubai Vinyl Flooring is a top-notch company that provides clients with the best solid wood flooring solutions to give their floors a fully exotic and dramatic look. Besides manufacturing, we provide our customers with the best and hassle-free solid timber flooring installation services as well. You can avail of our services not only in Dubai but also in the whole UAE.

Our company works 24/7 and delivers the products at your threshold on the promised time as well. Our services are quick and responsive. We are a certified and reliable company that provides the customers with attractive discounts offers as well. So, if you are planning to get solid wood flooring for your house or office, then contact us today. We are always here to entertain your queries and questions.

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