Sports Vinyl Flooring Dubai

sports vinyl flooring

Effective Flooring Solution – Sports vinyl flooring

Sports vinyl flooring is one of the most effective flooring solutions, as it is the best and proper combination of polyvinyl chloride & plasticizers. Due to its flexible and soft solution, the majority of the persons consider it.

It is such a unique flooring item with high-quality, ensure highly durable at a very economical price. With the installation of sports vinyl flooring Dubai you can handle a lot of wear & tear in the areas of sports, stadium, or home if you want to add a playground.


Top Reasons to pick sports vinyl flooring

There are a lot of reasons to choose vinyl flooring for sports as it is an excellent alternative for both hardwood and laminate flooring, below are the few reasons you can consider before selection.
The flexibility of designs.

How to install sports vinyl flooring?

As it is important to note how to install sports flooring. For this purpose, your sports material should be stuck on a dry surface with the help of water-based acrylic glue. If you want to add more stickiness to your subfloors, you can use a bi- segment PU glue. With the help of a welding bar, the joints can be heat welded. And you can install moistness boundary surely. For more information, you can call us.

Why did you choose us?

At Dubai vinyl flooring, we are pleased to provide you with the best sports vinyl flooring in the lowest amount and budget. Our vinyl sports flooring is so durable and soft to walk, that it has also been demanding in nurseries, hospitals, homes, and offices, with a full profile and directionally printed image.
We have a team of professionals visiting your place for a premised measure of the sheet size or number of tiles to be installed along with vinyl flooring in your area. We give in our portfolio, we explain the selected flooring that has created slip-retardant surfaces.

So for indoor or outdoor sports areas, we offer you the customized vinyl sports flooring in comparison to the wooden flooring floor. With all these benefits, we ensure you the free cost of installation. So get in touch with us today!