Terms & Conditions; Understand Our Policies

Terms & Conditions

Dubai Vinyl Flooring is a company that works on specified protocols with their featured products and services. If you are selecting us to purchase any of our flooring products, we assure you that you will get our amenities based on certain terms and general conditions. To acquire our services, you will need to follow the end-user license agreement that is obligatory for further proceedings. You can have the contractual rights to get our services with this agreement.

Products & Services

We proudly present to you our extensive collection of floor-covering treatments that are manufactured using premium quality materials, therefore suitable for all settings. Our company rightfully claims to be providing exclusive products and we have all the copyrights of our exceptional products and services. You can view our made-to-measure collection for a better idea and get samples from us for all products.

All the floor-covering products displayed in our gallery with graphical images are proof of our accomplished projects. The graphical images were captured by our team during the in-process projects. You are free to select the design and materials of a product, but you cannot ask for the pattern, color, and material amendment after the product is designed.

Material Compositions

The manufacturing material that we use to make the floor covering solutions is of high quality. While the color tone of the floors can be a bit different in reality than shown in the image. However, you can claim it if you got a product that is entirely different from the one you ordered.

For customized orders, we note down every minor detail according to your requirements. You can ask for modifications when the product is still not manufactured. But we will not give you the flexibility when your order is ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

Precise Measurements

For bespoke orders, we send our professionals to your home for analyzing and taking accurate measurements according to the layout of the room. Our concerned team will inspect everything and ask for your approval to confirm your choice.

You can show us your desired style for the custom-tailored product, but you are not allowed to ask for any alterations after the package arrives at your threshold.

Order Processing Procedure

As far as the processing of orders is concerned, you can get in touch with us through different communication means which are:

Online Official Site

To book your order, you can visit our social site where you can get information about anything regarding amenities and products.

Via Telephone Call

You will get an immediate response on a phone call regarding the product/service confirmation and home visit scheduling.

Through Whatsapp

Another way to directly approach us is to use WhatsApp which is the most recommended source of communication.

Call From Our Customer Care Team

After your order placement, you will receive a call from our team for the order confirmation. Make sure to provide the correct order specifications as after that, you cannot hold us accountable for any misleading information regarding the materials, colors, and size.

Rules For Order Cancellation

In case you want to cancel the order, certain restrictions and rules will be applied. In the event that there is a manufacturing flaw on our end, we will accept responsibility. However, this rule will not be applicable after a certain period.

You must notify us of the error within three working days.. We will demand a picture of the defect as proof with a detailed defect description. You will need to face consequences for pay refusal. However, you can cancel your order if the product gets damaged during shipping.

Return Policy

A refund or return policy will only be applied in case your order is not made according to your design statement. If you are not satisfied with the quality or there is a defect, you can return the order to a nearby location. We will notify you when the returned product will be delivered back to us.

Payment Methods

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery

Note: Since we have the contractual rights as per the agreement rules we can also call off the order if the consumers don’t come to our shipping regions.

Our contractual guidelines will ensure the best deal with customers and you must go through all these rules before the order placement to have beneficial outcomes and avoid future conflicts.