How To Treat Termites On A Wood Floor? - 5 Effective Ways

How To Treat Termites On A Wood Floor?

Usually, homeowners like to install hardwood floor coverings in their homes. Because it gives an attractive look and adds a lot of value to the property, it has been the first choice among all other floorings for so long. However, wood flooring is highly durable, and this is the second reason why people love it. While there are numerous benefits, there are a number of other reasons why homeowners avoid installing hardwood floors.

One of the main reasons is termite attacks. Termites love the wood and eat it, making its lifespan really short. But now, here are some impressive ways through which you could treat the termites’ attack and make your flooring last longer. Thus, whenever you get confirmation that your flooring is getting attacked by termites, instantly apply these tips and save the money you spent on your precious floor.

Some Top Best Objectives To Get Rid Of The Termites Attack On Your Wooden Floor

Here are some of the best ideas mentioned for you through which you can quickly treat termites on a wood floor. It is usually hard to suspect the termites’ attack because they eat the softwood or prefer eating the subflooring. That way, your expensive wooden flooring gets damaged and loses its durability. But, following these points will make your floor get rid of the termites while making it run longer.

1. Apply A Liquid Termite Barrier

Apply A Liquid Termite Barrier

This is the first and best method to prevent the attack of termites on a wood floor. This excellent liquid termite barrier also stops the termites from coming back. Apply this liquid around the perimeter of your home and also beneath the ground. This will block the natural path of termites and make your flooring lose its durability.

When the termites reach this barrier, they will instantly get poisoned, and hence there will be no damage to your home floor. Also, keeping your pets and children away while you apply this liquid is important. These barriers are not a threat to anyone, but still, it would be better if you take precautions.

2. Use Poison Baits

Use Poisoned Baits

Keeping the poisoned baits around the perimeter of your house is another good approach to getting rid of the termites. If you are not applying the liquid termite barrier, then keep these baits around the perimeter. These baits will attract the termites and kill them. This method is not only beneficial for hardwood flooring.

Termites can attack the PVC floor covering as well. Therefore, if you have installed PVC flooring rather than hardwood, there will also be a chance of termite attack. Hence, it would be good if you already did this step to keep your flooring long-lasting.

3. Boric Acid Is Another Effective Way

Boric Acid Is Another Effective Way

Another effective method for killing termites is the use of boric acid. This is not only the most effective but also the safest method. Because it has a very low level of toxicity, it is not harmful to pets and children. People who want a natural method to treat termites on a wood floor can go for this idea.

This acid is not only for the treatment of termites; you can also use it to get rid of other insects like ants, roaches, etc. After applying the boric acid, you will see the result in 7-9 days. For most people having babies and pets, this method is recommended!

4. Do Some Chemical Treatment

Do Some Chemical Treatment

Before applying any chemical treatment, it is necessary to hire some professionals who can find the spot where termites have made their colony on your hardwood floor. Also, this step is only applied by pest professionals. After finding the spot, they drill the hole and apply the foam.

This chemical, usually known as a termiticide, can be applied through the cracks and holes created by the termites’ community. The usage of this chemical is not similar to that of baits or other liquid termite barriers. This applies only to some specific areas. After that, this termiticide poisons the entire colony of termites in your wooden flooring, and your floor gets rid of them.

5. Go For The Round Worms

Go For The Round Worms

These microscopic roundworms are a natural way to treat termites on a wood floor. They attack insects like roaches and termites and kill them. These small creatures have no harmful effect on children and can help you get rid of the termites’ attack on your home floor covering.

You might have heard that roundworms can infect humans, but the nematodes used to kill termites are of some other kind. They easily get into the termites’ bodies and start feeding on them. They release some kind of bacteria into their bodies, which causes toxicity in the termites’ blood and they die instantly.

To Sum Up

In the end, I would strongly suggest applying one of the above ideas if you want to protect your floor covering from the termites’ attack. These are the ways to prevent their attack and let you have your lovely wooden flooring for years. Applying these things will also let your living place gain a glorified look for a long period.

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