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Flooring that is made up of polyvinyl chloride is called vinyl flooring. PVC is a synthetic material that is a plastic polymer and the world’s third-largest produced product. Vinyl flooring is trending these days in homes, offices, mosques, hotels, restaurants, bars, industrial and commercial areas. The big, rising question these days is about the vinyl flooring installation. People think that it is a very difficult and time taking task that’s why they don’t consider its installation in their places.

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Vinyl Flooring Installation Procedure

Installing Vinyl flooring planks isn’t a difficult task at all and is here to help you in the entire procedure. We do provide you the expert installation services but if you want to install this flooring by yourself then you just need to follow the following steps;

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First step

Choose the right vinyl flooring you want to install in your room. First of all, you just need to make a sketch of the room and make sure that all your measurements are accurate in accordance with it.

Pro Tip: Divide the room into four parts to make the flooring installation easy for you.

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Second Step

For vinyl flooring installation your floor surface should be perfectly smooth and flat. However, If it isn’t then you can use the balancing chemical over it, to make the installation easy and proper, and seamless.


Third Step

In the third step, you have to cut the vinyl flooring according to your room’s shape and size. You have to cut all the extra nooks and corners of the flooring to make it fit adequately into your room.

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Fourth Step

Now you have to put the flooring on the floor with some extra sheets on every corner. After this,  cut the extra flooring by shaping it according to the room’s structure. Lastly, fold back the corners of the flooring and put the craft paper along the wall.

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Fifth Step

For the last step of Vinyl flooring installation, what you’ll need to do is take a double tape, stick the craft paper to the floor, and then the flooring on the craft paper, by applying an enormous amount of vinyl flooring adhesive to the flooring.

This way, your sleek new flooring will be easily installed to sparkle your floors. As per the accomplishing step, all you have to do is clean the flooring with a damp mop in order to get rid of any mess.



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