Wooden Flooring Dubai

Wooden flooring Dubai | best Wood supplier in Dubai

The flooring is one of the essential ingredients of home interiors, and you will find that a lot of flooring varieties are present in the markets. Despite the various types of flooring it is almost difficult to select the right flooring for your house.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry because wooden flooring is the best option for quality flooring because it doesn’t just fit your home. They will also be beautiful and durable.

It is a floor most preferred for its natural characteristics. It is an excellent insulator against heat or cold and is the perfect addition to the aesthetics of any home.

Robust in structure, these floors always stand the test of time. Therefore they can be refurbished multiple times during their lives. Rejuvenating and refreshing their look, bringing it back to its original state, or changing the features altogether.

We present to you here an extensive collection of wooden flooring Dubai. Both Solid and Engineered boards. Ranging from the typical straight lay patterns to Herringbone designs.


Features of Wood Flooring

 The features of wood type flooring we provide are:

  • Closely mimics the grain, texture, and color of natural hardwood
  • A wide selection of styles
  • Stain-, scratch- and spill-resistant

Wood Flooring Types

It is important to know what kinds of wood floors are available before building a wood floor. Identifying the pros, prices, and design options for laminate, strong hardwood, hardwood, bamboo, and cork helps to ensure the project selects the correct floor.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the best wood flooring types and is formed with the help of compressed fiberboard layers with the implementation of wood, tile, or stone pattern over a fireboard. When the picture has been applied to the board, it adds a protective coating to avoid damage and provide a finish to the base.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is an excellent way of making a home or company visually appealing. In case it becomes available later, it can also add value to a home or a company.

Engineered Hardwood

A more durable product is provided by an engineered hardwood construction. Higher stability means that the temperature and humidity of the room are less likely to change. The floor is better than a laminate floor, but lower than solid hardwood floors as well.


The floors of the bamboo come from prominent Asian bamboo grass stalks. The floors are made in China and are painted in various styles and finishes. It is natural to moisture resistant because it is a tropical grass, rather than wood for trees. The flooring is produced together with high pressure by pressing fibers.

Cork type

Cork is one of the best cork flooring products since cork is natural and reusable. Environmentally friendly. The material’s natural beauty will match any décor. The cork structure allows us to absorb shock for natural comfort and softness. This is why cork flooring is useful in places where people would be on their feet for long periods of time

Choosing any project is much simpler if you learn about the characteristics of certain wood floors. Make sure the best one is selected for your budget, location, and decor.

Benefits of wooden flooring

 The benefits of wooden flooring Dubai are:

  • Durability
  • Health Benefits
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Added Home Value

Why us?

We are one of the best wooden flooring Dubai suppliers; our flooring collection is not limited to the wood flooring Dubai.

 We provide many different floors, such as fake grass and wooden floors, and dragon mat Dubai wooden flooring. The price of our store is meagre. If you are still curious about why we would buy these floors from our shops, then the explanations below are:

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