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Flooring is not just an interior decoration of walls, but a better option while walking with elegance. It has been shown that severe injuries can occur due to slipping on the ground, causing problems for the hipbone or backbone. Dubaivinylflooring understands the situation and for the health of valued customers has long been providing anti-slip vinyl flooring.

There are high chances for slipping in kitchens and washrooms, as water mainly stands on the surface. It can avoid by installing the right kitchen and washroom our anti slip flooring Dubai.


Perks of our high-quality Anti-slip vinyl flooring

Our customers are happy to enjoy the high quality of anti-slip vinyl flooring. Our experts work hard always to preserve the high-end seller benchmark and never compromise on the price. While planning anti-slip vinyl surfaces, the following features must be considered.

Verified custom made services

We are proud to develop for you three new surfaces, as well as the normal surface, with increasing degrees of friction to address the specific anti-slip vinyl criteria for flooring. The principal parameters defined by the most important international regulations examine for each surface. That is the reason our customers feel happy to buy products at affordable prices at any time.

Furthermore, our Anti slip Flooring are easier to clean than most slippery surfaces (which are often hard to clean), lowering maintenance costs. The unique values referred to in the various slip resistance regulations can be related to each class.