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SPC flooring Dubai, the most surprisingly durable flooring treatment genre by, is one of the incredibly best ways you can treat your floors. This stone plastic composite or SPC Vinyl Flooring is a highly dense and equally favorable flooring that does the perfect preservation of your floors as well as provides an immensely appealing and cozy surfacing under your feet.

Featuring an exquisite core made of plasticizers, polyvinyl chloride, and sodium chloride, our exceptional quality SPC Flooring in Dubai will be, fair enough, the nicest addition to your home decor.

Vinyl flooring

Give All Your Places Stunning look with The Spc Flooring Dubai brings you the superlative SPC vinyl flooring having our significant distinction, to spice up entire places of yours, in no time. This remarkable flooring version comes with a super affordable and at the same time, a really easy installation and is meant to serve you for a considerable time span as well. SPC vinyl, all thanks to its supreme build quality, provides for a seamlessly perfect flooring solution and most importantly alluring ornamentation.

SPC Floor, as per one of its amazing advantages, is a wonderfully safe sort of flooring treatment to go for. Over and above, this appropriately non-toxic SPC plank will please you with its endless comfort and will compliment your interior decor with its beauty, hence a totally worthy and win-win situation. You spend on it once and it’s gonna pay you back really well.

In addition to that, the SPC Flooring Dubai is an amazingly low-maintenance one, so it does not bother you in any way, regarding its sustenance and yet will perk up your spaces, to your delightful satisfaction. It is, by all means, the ideal flooring solution to choose for any of your desired places, either personal or commercial.

Remarkable Features Of Spc Tiles

  • It is perfectly dent, scuff, and scratch-resistant
  • SPC flooring Dubai is 100% waterproof, thus the best choice for the kitchen and other moisture-prone areas
  • It is adequately free from formaldehyde and completely non-toxic
  • It does not need any sort of underlayment padding as well
  • It comes with minimal to no maintenance
  • It lasts considerably longer

Wonderful Types Of SPC Flooring Dubai, with distinctive excellence in providing the best home flooring services, gladly presents you with those ravishing versions (types) of our specialized SPC flooring. This is going to make your selection phase a lot more convenient and certainly the most delightful, as well.

single layered spc flooring dubai

Single Layer SPC Tiles Flooring

It is, by far, the most mainstream type of SPC plank, and the fairly regular usage one too. However, it’s definitely a worth-choosing flooring genre due to its extraordinary characteristics, the most notable one of which is its ability to perfectly adapt to all sorts of temperatures. It is just the ideal flooring treatment for all the areas with relatively higher foot traffic.


ABA Core SPC Floor Tiles

ABA Core or BA Core version of the SPC flooring Dubai feels exceptionally cozy, the very fact that makes it stand out among others. It features a sand wedge sort of structural profile that adds to its notable durability. It can effectively withstand the highest levels of foot traffic and thus is ideally best for any of the given spaces.


EIR Surface SPC Floor

Embossed in the register or EIR Surface to be more convenient, is the type of SPC vinyl that has a ritzy appearance quite similar to that of the real wood flooring, which means its surface texture bears those natural patterns present on the wooden flooring. SPC plank flooring particularly high-end flooring induces a noteworthy sensation of warmth within the interiors and feels the best.

super hard surface spc flooring

Super Hard Surface SPC Flooring Dubai

Super Hard Surface SPC floor tiles feature an aluminum oxide construction and thus have double the strength as that of a regular flooring with a UV coating. The super-hard surface type of the SPC floor is one specifically ideal choice to consider if you’ve got children or pets or of course, both in your family as it’s a really safe and sound flooring. Over and above, it’s also the best choice for all the high foot traffic areas.

spc plank flooring


Having our first-rate SPC tiles flooring will induce an amazing compilation of advantages within your lifestyle:

  • It keeps the floor perfectly safe from all damaging factors
  • It provides an appropriately safe surfacing for both children and pets to stay and play on
  • SPC Flooring Dubai is greatly low-maintenance, easy to clean, and thus budget-friendly flooring to go for.
  • It’s the best and fairly durable flooring choice for all areas



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Dubai vinyl flooring is your trustworthy home decor mentor that always strives out of the way, in order to have you acquire the best levels of delightful comfort as well as an alluring beautification around you. With that said, this time, we’ve come up with another version of our expert creations that is the SPC Flooring Dubai. This genuinely majestic flooring will do a number of marvelous favors to not just your home embellishment but also to your budget, as well.

Do consider calling us and we’ll make you benefit in the most wondrous ways, through this entirely charming specialized floor fashioning of ours!

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