What is SPC Flooring? | Is it a Good Choice for Your Home

What Is SPC Flooring + Is It Good? 

The evolution of wood flooring has created SPC flooring. SPC stands for “stone polymer composite”, a rigid core luxury flooring material. This flooring option is widely used nowadays for its easy installation, low maintenance, high durability, and aesthetic versatility. If you are looking for a versatile and water and scratch-resistant material for your home floors, SPC flooring is an excellent option. In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed SPC flooring, its composition, and its unique features in detail.

SPC Flooring: A Luxurious Flooring Option

SPC flooring

SPC flooring can be fitted in both commercial and residential places. A question that is likely to come to mind is why SPC Flooring Dubai is an appropriate flooring option over other choices. The answer comprises multiple logical reasons. The unique crafting, easy installation, cost-effectiveness, antibacterial nature, sound reduction, UV, and water resistance features make this flooring a good option.

Structure of SPC Flooring

Structure of SPC Flooring

SPC planks are crafted with multiple layers; each layer offers versatile functions for the flooring system.

  • UV Layer

This layer makes SPC a water, scratch, and stain-resistant floor covering material. In addition, this layer also prevents the floor from discoloring or fading.

  • Wear Layer

This layer maintains the natural color of the plank and also protects the floor from severe abrasion or damage.

  • Decor Layer

This printed layer gives unique patterns and textures to the flooring and makes it an elegant and aesthetic flooring material.

  • SPC Core

This rigid layer maintains the durability of floor planks and cannot be affected by severe changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Bottom Layer

This is the last foamy layer that provides cushioning to the flooring material for a comfortable sensation underfoot.

Remarkable Features of SPC Flooring

Remarkable Features of SPC Flooring

SPC offers a broad range of remarkable features.

Broad Range Of Styles

This flooring comes in a variety of colors, textures, and designs to give it an aesthetic and versatile look. You can choose any color, design, or texture according to your home decor theme, color contrast, personal style, and needs.


With boundless features, this flooring material is available at very low prices in the market, unlike natural wood flooring materials. Furthermore, the installation of this flooring requires a very low budget due to its easy procedure.


This flooring offers a natural stone or wood-like appearance and multiple design options for your home floor covering. If you want to give an aesthetically pleasing look to your floor, opt for this unique and stylish flooring material.

Suitable for high-traffic

If you are looking for a flooring material that can be sustained in high-traffic places for longer periods, SPC is a suitable option. The UV and wear layers of SPC flooring make it a scratch-resistant and abrasion-free option for high-traffic areas.


Durability of spc flooring

The high durability of SPC floor tiles is due to their solid core and materials such as plasticizers, PVC, and limestone. The multiple unique layers of this flooring make it more durable than other flooring types. Due to its high durability, you can enjoy maximum benefits.


SPC flooring can be a great option for your kitchen, bathrooms, and all other high-traffic areas because this flooring material is stain-resistant. The top UV layer enables this flooring to resist stains and spills.

Water- or Moisture-resistant

Water or moisture resistance is another remarkable feature of this flooring. The central core of this flooring material is usually composed of polymer or plastic stabilizers and limestone. The combination of these materials makes this flooring waterproof.


If you want to create a soundproof environment in your surroundings, choose this flooring type. Due to its unique crafting and underlayment, this flooring absorbs airborne noise and impact sound to keep the environment calm and peaceful.

Easy Installation

Installation of most flooring materials requires professional work, but this type of flooring can easily be installed with a DIY approach. Due to its click-lock mechanism, you can install this flooring easily and without the need for any nails or adhesives.

Easy to clean and maintain

Easy to clean spc flooring

After flooring installation, the most important issue faced by homeowners is cleaning and maintenance. But this flooring type prevents all such concerns due to its easy cleaning and maintenance.


It is concluded that SPC flooring can always be a perfect choice if you want a highly durable, inexpensive, water, and scratch-resistant material for your home floors. Furthermore, this flooring requires low maintenance and easy installation. Besides all these versatile features, this flooring option provides an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing look.

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