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Buy Our Durable Artificial Grass In Dubai For High-traffic Areas

Need a beautiful lawn but without any hassle? DVF is amongst the best artificial grass suppliers in Dubai and has got you the most versatile fake grass options to beautify every space of your choice. Our astro turf products are the most affordable in the UAE market.

Premium Build Quality
Broad Measurement Options
Fade Resistant Colors
Value for money
Subfloor Compatibility
outdoor artificial grass

Make Your Places Lively With Our Artificial Grass Carpet

It’s time to say goodbye to the tough and costly maintenance procedures of real grass lawns and gardens. Our affordable artificial grass for small yards and balconies will provide you with the most pleasant decor wherever you want and without the slightest trouble. It requires no maintenance and will last the longest!


Aesthetic Versatility

This treatment can be used as a carpeting or as a decorative addition to walls, rooftops or even cabinets/shelving.


Extreme Comfort

It is soft and comfy to walk over and will be the safest playing area for your kids and pets.

Our Trendy Grass Products

tek grass 30C

Tek Grass 30C

Tek Grass 40GG

Tek Grass 40 GG

Tek grass 33gb

Tek Grass 33gb

Pure grass 6mm

Pure grass 6mm

Pure grass 10mm

Pure grass 10mm

grass 7 mm

Grass 7 mm



24mm pile height

24mm pile height

Grass 40 mm

Grass 40 mm

Grass 25 mm

Grass 25 mm

Get Our Artificial Grass Options For Every Area

Home Turf Grass

This turf is excellent for indoors and can be used for covering and beautifying all kinds of surfaces.

rubber roll flooring
Artificial Grass For Home

Artificial Turf For Business

This one is a heavier-duty version that can be used in commercial spaces instead of real grass.

Artificial Turf For Business

Sports Grass

It’s professional-grade artificial grass with low pile height and high impact resistance for sports grounds, gyms, and high-traffic areas.

interlocking rubber tiles
Artificial Grass For Sports

Fake Grass For Events

This synthetic grass is excellent to use for occasional decor like exhibitions and gatherings, offering natural aesthetics with less maintenance.

Fake Grass For Events


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Top Benefits Of Our Artificial Grass

This treatment is, by far, the smartest substitute to real grass and it will save you from plenty of efforts and expenses. We’ve summarized the rest of the perks ahead:


Convenient Upkeep Requirements

This grass requires no mowing, cutting, irrigation or costly fertilizers to survive, hence saves a lot of time.


Energy Saving Treatments

With no watering needed, it will reduce your place’s energy expenses, and there’s also no need to buy any equipment.


Amazing Health Benefits

This grass is completely VOC-free and safe to play and walk over, plus its liveliness positively impacts mind and body.


Year Round Beauty

Unlike real grass, our artificial grass does not get damaged or messy due to extreme weather and stays the same.

Our Latest Artificial Grass Projects

Best Turf

Hire Us Now For Artificial Turf Installations!

Other than the best quality turf options, we also provide complete installation, fitting, and styling services under one roof to help you add this amazing product to your homes with ease. Our servicing will instantly make your home beautiful, comfortable, and valuable as well. You can hire us in all parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to enjoy cheap yet cost-effective decor creations.

Unique Installation Patterns

We offer a range of installation styles and patterns for both temporary and permanent fitting of artificial grass in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Endless Customization Possibilities

You can have the astroturf custom designed in terms of panel size and shape, blade length, and thickness and colors.

Our Best Seller Synthetic Grass Products

balcony artificial grass

Balcony Grass

playground artificial grass

Playground Grass

Wall grass

Wall grass

Indoor Artificial grass

Indoor grass

Swimming Pool grass

Swimming Pool grass

landscaping artificial grass

landscaping grass

Artificial Grass

Why Choose Us?

Dubai Vinyl Flooring has the widest and finest quality varieties of Artificial Grass Dubai available at pocket-friendly rates. In addition to the best fake turf products, you can get all the associated services from us, most importantly installations and customizations.

With our astroturf, your homes and offices will be way more comfortable, lively, attractive and energy-efficient than before. So hurry up and request a quote to get the best discounts.

competitive prices

Competitive Prices

experience team

Expert Team

Free measurement

Free Measurement

customer services

Customer Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The general price of artificial grass in Dubai ranges between 70 AED and 120 AED per square meter. Factors like blade length, pile thickness, underlayment type and infill requirements can impact the overall project expenses. You can get detailed pricing quotations from us for the job.

Yes, our synthetic grass makes a perfect fit for all kinds of environments, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its weather, moisture, UV, stain and impact resistance. Besides, you can always get specialized or customized turf types from us for any other unique requirements.

With accurate and regular maintenance, this grass can last for nearly 15 to 20 years without any significant damage. Moreover, if you invest in particularly high-quality options, they can even last for more than 25 years. However, good upkeep is always the key factor deciding longevity.

Yes, our synthetic turf is completely safe for both pets and children as it does not contain any VOCs or other harmful chemicals and does not support the growth of mold, mildew or other pests too. Plus, it is impossible to be chewed or dug, hence won’t be damaged by claws or teeth.

Yes, you can have all kinds of style, size and shape customizations for fake turf to make it a perfect fit for your specific requirements. In addition to sizing, we can also customize the blade color, blade length and pile height in accordance with intended usage and foot traffic levels.

Top Appreciative Comments  

Darren K.
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They have an endless variety of wall to wall carpets with unique customization. I ordered their wool carpet. Their team helped me a lot in choosing a personalized floor. Now, my bedroom floor is fascinating at its peak. Good Job!

Guhfran Ali
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Highly experienced team they have. They made my office floor very comfortable, sleek, and insulated with super-designed carpet. The build quality and craftsmanship were outstanding. Highly recommended flooring and services!

Zameel Khan
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I had a fantastic experience with their team. I hired them for carpet installation at my new villa. They completed the project with professional skills. Their carpet changed the ambiance of my living room. Thank You!

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