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Elevate the entire interior design of your mosque spaces by installing our stunning Mosque prayer carpets. Dubai Vinyl Flooring gladly presents to you the latest variety of mosque carpets in Dubai with trendy colors and awe-inspiring designs. We stock easy-to-clean mosque rugs in Dubai for the entrance areas. You can give your mosque interiors the finest makeover with our soft floor covering which is also an essential part of an Islamic culture. We have many custom carpet designs to help you pick the best ones for your Masjid interior.

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The Premium Construction Materials Of Our Mosque Carpets

Embellish your mosques with our exquisite carpets manufactured from a variety of materials. We design durable mosque carpets for high foot traffic utilizing robust materials including polyester, wool, nylon, and polypropylene. These long-lasting and beautiful carpets are ideal for improved comfort provision in your prayer rooms and mosque interiors.

Our eco-conscious mosque carpet choices provide you with an allergen-free area for prostration. You can improve the interior air quality and add comfort underfoot by placing these carpets in your spaces. Our high-performance carpets hold up well against the daily foot traffic, maintaining their appeal and shape for many years straight.

Know About The Diverse Types of Carpets For Mosque

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Modern Carpets

Our mosque carpets come in plenty of colors and styles. You can choose from a range of borders, religious motifs, and unique layouts.

Persian carpet

Persian Carpets

These oriental persian carpets with intricate patterns, medallion styles, and repeated patterns will be the perfect addition to your prayer rooms.

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Turkish Carpets

Our Turkish carpets are a great option for mosque ornamentations with their elaborate patterns, premium materials, unique patterns, and long-lasting elegance.


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Benefits Of Having Our Luxury Mosque Carpets in Dubai


Comfort & Style

Our carpets provide worshipers with a cozy platform to offer prayer, improving the overall experience and interior design.

Improved Aesthetics

We offer eye-catching colors and designs for prayer carpets and rugs.

Noise Insulation

Our carpets greatly minimize the level of noise, creating a serene environment for religious activities.

Energy Efficiency

Our handwoven mosque carpets help to regulate the temperature, reducing energy loss.


Durable Solutions

Premium-quality synthetic and natural materials are used to make these carpets, offering long-term serviceability.

Easy Maintenance

Despite daily wear and foot-traffic, these carpets don’t require frequent or troublesome cleaning.

Beautify Your Mosques With Our Skillful Installation Services

We are recognized as Dubai’s top mosque carpets manufacturer and are famous for our exclusive amenity of carpet installations. Our certified handymen come to your locations for expert measurements and area inspection. We ensure flawless services to give you the best value for your money. Our top-grade services will provide you with the coziest surfaces to pray over.

These durable and comfortable carpets will help create a soothing atmosphere. Our adept prayer room carpet fitting services will bring about a fantastic change, adding serenity to the mosque spaces. You can approach us for carpet repair anytime and get our experts’ guidance about carpet maintenance.

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Dubai Vinyl Flooring is the one-stop shop for carpeting treatments for the ideal mosque’s Interior decor. We provide traditional to wall to wall carpets for Masjid to incorporate elegance and comfort. Our platform stocks the most incredible variety of carpets to suit any mosque interior. You can purchase large mosque carpets for spacious interiors that will accommodate a maximum number of worshipers.

You can ask for free swatches to pick the best carpet materials for the mosque. From customized carpet treatments to flawless installations, we work with an excellence that is completely incomparable.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Most carpets for mosques are made of silk, cotton, polyester, and polypropylene. The best materials that can withstand a lot of foot traffic are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, excellent for daily use.

To find the right size of carpet, first measure the dimensions of your mosque. Besides the space layout, determine the number of people who’ll be using the carpet. Get the dimensions right using a tape measure.

Of course! Carpets can be customized in terms of color, pattern, texture, and style to match the overall design of the mosque. In addition to that, you can customize the size of carpets according to the area layout.

You will receive a warranty on purchasing carpets from Dubai Vinyl Flooring. We provide you with a guarantee and warranty for each carpet product.