Playground Artificial Grass Dubai

Playground artificial grass – a vast sturdy part of your life

The playground is being used very intensively in residential areas and in schools nowadays, particularly when children have delicate playground equipment. Natural grass does not generally withstand rough treatment on the playground and requires considerable care.

Artificial grass is an excellent backup comparison to natural grass and allows children to enjoy their specially created environment.  For the multi-functional features of artificial grass, look at our playground examples.

Features of playground artificial grass

  • If you do not only want your playground to look attractive but also want the maintenance. So, Playground Artificial Grass is low maintenance, capable of being sturdy and unnecessary.
  • Also, grass on the playground is robust, economical, and safe for travel and fall.


Our high grazing quality of playground artificial grass

Our high grazing quality is supported by an impact-absorbing Grass Flex base with a fully approved 1.5 m high drop height. Also, Dubaivinylflooring provides artificial grass with high-quality in various colors, shapes, and thicknesses.

Our wet rubber surfaces are designed to suit your unique safety requirements to complement your artificial grass.

Thanks to a full-service external work kit, we can even convert your space outside: fencing, play equipment, land use, and security requirements for the entire project. So you can contact Playground Artificial Grass Dubai Supplier today if you’d want a better and safer place with an affordable alternative to real grass for your school or playground.