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Privacy Policy

Dubai Vinyl Flooring is always concerned about its legal customer rights regarding privacy. We firmly believe that the client’s satisfaction and their trust in us are the legitimate keys to our proven success. Our team is more than concerned about the protection of the personal information of our users. The main purpose of our considerate privacy terms is to ensure the confidentiality of the customer’s data.

You can blindly trust us, as we guarantee that no party can access the confidential information you share with us. We only ask for the necessary information for communication and order processing. After collecting the necessary contact details, we limit access to the information, and outsiders cannot access your provided information.

We conduct a data privacy audit to keep your given data protected. The fundamental reason to collect the data is order processing and learning about your preferences to serve you better. Other than this, this information is used to get in touch with you for order confirmation or delivery time.

Privacy Of All Guests And Users

Our contractual agreement regarding the privacy policy is not limited to consumers but the guests and visitors as well. We assure you of the confidentiality of the information as follows:

  • We follow the Data Protection Act when collecting sensitive information from clients.
  • A third party or unauthorized person can’t access your data without your permission.
  • You won’t receive any regular or promotional emails from our side until you permit.

Confidentiality Of Information

Our primary concern is the secrecy of your private data and to make sure we collectively ask for only:

  • Customer Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Residential Address
  • Contact Details
  • Credit/Debit Card Details

Information Non-Disclosure

Our company is majorly concerned about the user’s privacy for a safe and sound customer-client relationship. We appreciate the client’s trust in us regarding the safeguarding of data against unwanted access. To keep the amenities flowing accelerated and for the betterment of the brand, we take serious notes and immediate legal action against unauthorized invasions by any third party. We never compromise the customer’s trust in us and never let them down in any way; hence, we take every possible measure to protect their sensitive information.

Authentic Security Practices

We collect the information only when the user allows us to do so. Our team sends a copy of your information file to your registered email address for your ease and satisfaction. You can have a look at the information file and notify us if you notice any incorrect details regarding yourself. If, in any case, we need to send your file out of the region, we will first ask for your permission.

Update on the Privacy Policy Agreement

We make certain changes in the rules and privacy terms of our services over time due to genuine reasons. Our team modifies the rules based on certain requirements and conditions. In this case, you can check our site periodically for any updates on the rules and services. You can put your blind trust in us, as we assure you that no outsider can reach or approach you using this information, and hence you can have complete mental peace.

Get In Touch With Our Team For Concerned Privacy Details

To clear your mind from any queries related to our privacy policy terms and conditions, you can request a free quote and get the most updated and authentic details.