Handmade Persian Carpets Dubai

Persian carpets Dubai – The foundation of your beautiful place


A beautiful carpet is always the foundation of a beautiful house. Dubai vinyl flooring has been importing and selling Persian carpets Dubai from all over the world in several styles from the old country-house look of antique tapestries, curtains, and high-quality rugs for more than thirty-five years.

With so many different styles and a variety of colors, colors can’t be distinguished on these beautiful floors.

The best rugs from authentic material is Persian carpets. You can choose between different colors, sizes, measurements, and patterns. 

We have a great variety of Persian rugs. The most beautiful and most genuine materials are our items. Persian carpets Dubai gives the interior of the house a unique appearance and feel and makes the home more attractive.


Why Persian carpets are among the world’s best?

Carpets are amongst the prerequisites of any household. For both elegance and longevity, we need just the highest quality carpets, and that if you think about the best quality carpets, you won’t get better carpet than the Persian carpets Dubai. Its outstanding color, shape, quality, and craftsmanship can be an inspiration to others and whoever is interested in considering UAE carpet.

To start from the materials and design. Since we have so many projects that involve Iran, then we have at our disposal many incredible pieces made out of Persian carpets, which are the same type of carpets you need.

Handwoven Persian carpets Dubai

Usually, our handwoven carpets made of wool, silk, or a combination of soy. The 100% pure Persian silk rugs is quite beautiful and shiny. On the other side, yarn is the fiber most commonly used.

The condition of the meat, the climate, the pasture, and the shaving time depend on the sheep. We provide high-quality products with such handwoven Persian carpets Dubai.

Traditional Persian carpets

If you are looking for such traditional Persian tapestries are made of natural dyes, so you want to look for shades that seem to be from the environment: red cochineal butterflies, blue indigo plants, and yellow grenade rinds.

Synthetic colors, while natural coloring coats the surface, penetrate fiber uniformly. You can Bend your carpet to remove a few threads, and you know you have natural colors when you find a slight unevenness.

Why you choose us to buy Persian carpets in Dubai?

Dubai vinyl flooring provides you the customization and installation demand you want in your product. We offer you the best features, such as:

 The latest benefits

if you want the latest benefits, then Persian carpets Dubai with accurate descriptions not only give your home a lasting and enduring benefit, but also the investment that makes it worth as the time passes and leads to feeling.

Aesthetics style

Persian Rugs Dubai build an esthetic atmosphere in the room, which also shows the natural environment of the Earth. “We know when we choose to take our business into the world. If we do it wisely, it can do great things.”

Quick to cope with Persian carpet

Dubai vinyl flooring is well known for its easy-to-use quality equipment and our online Persian carpets in Dubai are easy to clean and maintain to give your place a fresh look and comfort for a long time. When it comes to maintenance.

Quality service to make our customers happy

Also, critical individual pieces provided by our exquisite collection. Their classic designs, together with the finest materials and quality of artistry, reflect the traditional art of tapping and genuine artworks on the floor. As such, in every living room, they are a particular feature, creating a unique sense of space.

Dubai vinyl flooring assumes that it has a good relationship with its clients that our client’s requirements are our top priority. We have available experts to help our customers with the various choices of Persian carpets Dubai, so don’t feel shy to contact us.