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Entire Up Your Interior Decor With Persian Carpets Dubai

Give a remarkable enhancement to your home decor with our trendsetting floor covering treatment, and oriental carpets. Dubai Vinyl Flooring is known in the whole antique rug market for providing high-quality Persian carpets Dubai that offer the perks of elegance and longevity. Our carpets are made from 100% natural materials, glorifying all your places.

These hand-woven carpets with intricate motifs and patterns add to the aesthetic value of every space. We have the best colors for modern Persian rugs and carpets to adorn your interiors.

Our wool and silk carpeting is designed to give your spaces an elegant makeover. You can purchase these carpets online from our shops in Dubai. And you can also get expert rug maintenance and care tips from us.

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Our Huge Range Of Oriental Persian Carpets and rugs Designs

Now you can embellish your interiors gracefully because we provide affordable small Persian rugs for apartments. These handmade carpets are truly outstanding in terms of color schemes, textures, and most importantly craftsmanship. For these versatile carpets, you’ll come across the most glamorous styles in our stock.

We have plenty of Persian carpet design and pattern options including floral, geometric, hunting, and medallion. Besides designs and patterns, you can decide on the shapes, motifs, and colors for personalized decor. We deliver the best outcomes for customized carpets in Dubai. Our custom-made carpets will be the most practical and valuable addition to your interiors.

Discover The Distinct Types of Antique Iranian Carpets

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Machine-made Persian Carpets

Our machine-made vintage carpets are designed with innovative strategies. Different kinds of rooms are used in the weaving process that join the fibers firmly together. You can explore our various elegant carpet designs for living rooms. Our machine-woven Persian exhibition carpets feature design consistency, unique crafting, and perfect finishing.

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Modern Persian Styles Carpet

Our handcrafted Iranian carpets are perfect for modern interior decors. These carpets with pleasant designs and classic patterns add a bold touch to your living spaces. And these carpets can add a pop of color to your corporate offices.

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Handwoven Iranian Carpets

Persian hand-knotted carpets and rugs feature more intricate designs with a thick pile. They are crafted by our adept weavers in a precise way, providing you with a high artistic and utilitarian value. Our handmade blue Persian carpets will be the statement piece of your luxury homes.


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Extraordinary Perks Of Having Our Traditional Persian Carpet

Our carpets with signature weaving excellence benefit you in various aspects. Here’s the list of the advantages:

Improved Aesthetics

Our oriental carpets timelessly uplift the charm and ambiance of your places. These carpets are not just pieces of art but the essence of Persian culture and heritage. They make a unique decor statement.


Add Warmth & Comfort

Our creatively manufactured Persian carpets create the most plush surfaces to walk over. They not only add warmth, and texture but also give your spaces a soothing vibe.

Home Insulation

Use our high-performance carpets to add energy efficiency to the place. These carpets balance out the room temperature and are a great choice for both summer and winter.


Offer Durability

These carpets are woven by our skilled artisans with great attention to detail. Our hard-wearing carpets can last for centuries.


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Why Choose Us For Persian Carpets Dubai?

Dubai Vinyl Flooring has come up with the trendiest carpeting solutions to enhance the decor of your homes and offices. We provide the finest floor covering essentials to add a cozy and rustic touch to a place. Our traditional Iranian carpets are genuine pieces of art that can enhance the worth of any space. Whether modern or vintage, they go well with every interior setting. For these carpets, you can choose from various colors, intricate patterns, or styles.

Before shopping, you can order free swatches of Persian carpets to check their quality and texture. Our custom-designed carpets will last for generations in your spaces, maintaining their shape. Aside from this, our prompt carpet installation services will leave you astounded. Contact our client’s representative team today to get exclusive services.

Extraordinary Discounts

For these vintage carpets, we offer amazing discount offers. You can make a carpet purchase online and avail 20% off.

Professional Working Team

We have the region’s best specialists with industry experience of many years. They’re available 24/7 to serve you.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Persian or oriental carpets are the perfect addition to any place as they are available in different color contrasts to suit any interior design. They give rise to a lot of texture, pattern, and visual interest in any place.

These carpets are one of the most expensive carpeting options in the market because they are mostly hand-woven using the best quality silk and wool. Besides the quality and longevity, the dyes used to make these carpets are expensive as well.

Oriental carpets and rugs are mostly red because it is an energizing color that evokes the intense feeling of courage, passion, and joy. The red color in these carpets highlights specific patterns or design elements to grab the viewer’s attention.

The main materials used to make these carpets are cotton, wool, and silk. Most carpets are made of wool because it is extraordinarily soft and durable.