Benefits of SPC Rigid Core Flooring for Homes & Businesses

What are the Benefits of SPC Rigid Core Flooring?

SPC rigid core flooring is becoming more and more popular due to its endless amazing features. The tiles and planks of this flooring are crafted with 100% waterproof materials that ensure ultra-durability, moisture resistance, and performance. In this article, Dubai Vinyl Flooring has explained all the benefits of SPC flooring. By going through all these features, you can get valuable insights about making the best flooring choices.

Benefits Of SPC Rigid Core Flooring For Homes And Offices

SPC flooring offers multiple benefits, such as an eco-friendly treatment, high wear and tear, moisture, and stain resistance. This vinyl-made flooring also provides natural and attractive visuals due to the realistic patterns of wood and stones. The SPC floor tiles are manufactured by compacting multiple rigid layers, which are the wear layer, print layer, SPC core, and backing layer. The unique compaction of all these layers makes this flooring extra durable and waterproof.

  • Eco-Friendly Flooring
  • Realistic Appearance
  • No Contraction/Expansion
  • Waterproof Material
  • High Sound Insulation
  • Fire Retardant Flooring
  • Unique Stability
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Unique Style
  • Smooth Installation

Benefits Of SPC Rigid Core Flooring For Homes And Offices

Eco-Friendly Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring is mainly crafted with polyvinyl chloride, which enhances its longevity. In addition, the unique construction of this flooring material makes it completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. This renewable flooring is free from benzene, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances.

Eco-Friendly Spc Flooring

Realistic Appearance

SPC flooring planks or tiles have a realistic appearance that can resemble any wooden or stone style. This way, this flooring greatly enhances the floor’s aesthetic value with its natural patterns and designs. Also, this flooring offers a more realistic look as compared to other vinyl flooring.

No Contraction Or Expansion

Due to their high moisture resistance, SPC rigid core flooring can’t expand or contract because of temperature changes. These vinyl-made tiles can resist all kinds of temperature changes and do not absorb moisture content either. Furthermore, excessive changes in humidity cannot affect the structural integrity of these SPC tiles as well.

No Contraction Or Expansion

Waterproof Material

The compaction of multiple layers makes SPC flooring completely waterproof. This flooring is an excellent option to cover floors in damp or moisture-prone places such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and outdoors.

High Noise Insulation

To make the floors soundproof and comfortable, SPC rigid core flooring plays a significant role. It efficiently dampens all underfoot and airborne noises, so you can enjoy silent walking and disruption-free homes. Its enduring layers absorb the sound due to their high density and thickness.

High Noise Insulation

Fire-Retardant Flooring

The unique composition of SPC makes it a fire-retardant option for residential and commercial flooring. The stone powder and high-density polymer matrix in this flooring can effectively prevent fire from spreading in the event of any incident. This makes SPC the best flooring option to utilize in kitchens and other fire-prone areas.

High Stability

The extreme stability of this flooring is due to its rigid layers and their way of attachment. The impact resistance and cushioning effect of these tiles make them suitable for high-traffic areas. Moreover, this flooring is an excellent choice for commercial areas due to its high durability.

High Stability

Unique Style

This durable flooring is available in multiple designs, colors, sizes, and patterns to create personalized floor looks. In addition, this flooring material comes in a variety of formats, such as tiles, sheets, and planks of variable sizes. You can also get a bespoke SPC option for your floor surface to enhance interior beauty.

Easy Maintenance

Another practical benefit of SPC rigid core flooring is its high stain, moisture, and scratch resistance, which leads to the easiest maintenance. After installation, there is no requirement for any grout or wax application on SPC tiles. Besides, you can easily clean this flooring with household detergents and tools like a mop or vacuum cleaner.

Easy Maintenance

Smooth Installation

For DIY enthusiasts, this flooring is an excellent choice due to the ease of cutting. There is no need to utilize any specialized tools for cutting SPC planks and tiles. In addition, this flooring can easily be fixed to any type of subfloor without removing the existing flooring.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing SPC rigid core flooring is an excellent decision for home improvements or renovations. Dubai Vinyl Flooring has listed some potential benefits of selecting this ultra-durable flooring. The vinyl-made SPC rigid planks come with high water, stain, and scratch resistance, hence requiring low maintenance and cleaning. Moreover, this flooring also makes all floor surfaces anti-slip for pets and kids.

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