Best Mohawk RevWood Reviews | Appearance, Features & Cost

Mohawk RevWood Vinyl Tiles Reviews

Mohawk RevWood Vinyl tiles unlock new flooring horizons due to their classic and modern design options. These pet- and kids-friendly tiles not only enhance the aesthetic value of your floor but also make it comfortable and resilient for kids and pets. Its extraordinary scratch and fade resistance made it a dominant flooring choice for both homes and offices.

Mohawk RevWood Reviews

Realistic Appearance

These vinyl tiles usually come in a variety of patterns, designs, textures, and styles. To make the flooring area more stylish and contemporary, you can also get customized borders and strips printed on these tiles. Additionally, Mohawk RevWood tiles have an extra printing layer that can illustrate the patterns of hardwoods such as maple, red, ash, walnut, cherry, pine, or mahogany. These woody patterns and textures ensure a realistic floor appearance with multiple light and solid color shades.

Realistic Appearance

Performance and Features


These long-lasting flooring can ensure maximum color fading and scratch resistance. These tiles are manufactured with an extra dent or scratch-resistant layer to protect your flooring surface from daily wear and tear; hence, they can be installed in commercial areas as well.



These tiles come with a lifetime waterproof guarantee due to their unique manufacturing approach. Due to their additional resistance, you can protect your floor surface from spills and wet mopping. Furthermore, the non-porous nature of these tiles also protects them from water seeping.


Comfort and Acoustics

To make your flooring surface more comfortable, Mohawk RevWood tiles must be used. These tiles enhance the underfoot comfort of your flooring area along with remarkable sound-dampening features, depending on their thickness.

Comfort & Acoustics

Ease Of Cleaning and Maintenance

Mohawk RevWood tiles require very little effort for cleaning and maintenance due to their high moisture, dust, and fade resistance. Moreover, these planks or tiles also protect your floor surface from dust and scratches.

Additional Features

The warranty of Mohawk RevWood depends on its water and fade resistance. However, 10-15 years of warranty are usually given on this vinyl product due to its outstanding performance. You can install these tiles with multiple underlayment options, such as Moisture Guard, Real Sound, or Propylene Foam.

Additional Features

Comparison and Value

If we compare the cost value of Mohawk RevWood with other vinyl flooring products, we can ensure that this vinyl type is cost-effective in terms of materials, installation, and maintenance. At this affordable cost, these multi-functional tiles also provide satisfactory aesthetic value. Moreover, for further assistance and discounts, you must approach the supplier and manufacturing company.

Concluding Remarks!

To summarize this article, Mohawk RevWood tiles are the best option to enhance flooring aesthetics and functionality, along with longevity assurance. If you don’t have enough time, these heavy-duty tiles demand much less time and effort for maintenance and installation. Moreover, you can purchase these durable tiles at budget-friendly rates with endless customization options. Per our precise analysis, you should opt for these tiles if you want to get all these flooring benefits in a parallel way.

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