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Transform your interiors beautifully with our luxury panels for walls designed to serve you in manifold ways. We present to you our trendsetting panel variety to add an element of interest to your homes and business places. Browse our modern bedroom PVC wall panel designs for inspiring wall ornamentations.

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Elevate Your Space with Top-Quality Wall Panel Dubai

Dubai Vinyl Flooring provides sustainable panels for walls to add an alluring look. Our panels for walls are the best and most affordable decorative accessory. These panels are made of medium-density fiberboards and other fabric embellishments to go well with both vintage and modern decor themes. Besides MDF, you can get wainscoting beadboard paneling, laminate paneling, chipboard paneling, fabric paneling, and metal paneling to add to the inviting appeal and value of your property. Additionally, our acoustic wall panels are the best choice for commercial offices and smart homes.

Revamp Your Existing Decor With Our Customized Panels For Walls

Being the best wall panel Dubai suppliers, we take care of every concern of the user, hence, offering an unrivaled service of panel customization. You can review our design swatches to select minimal or detailed designs with wood carvings, striped lines, and intricate borders. Our extraordinary services will timelessly uplift the charm of your spaces, creating interiors that match your unique visions and styles. Avail of our custom services today for amazing home upgrades.

Shop For Modern Home Wall Panels At Reasonable Rates

Bring instant glamor to your interiors with our wall cladding panels available at our stores at discounted rates. Our panels are constructed from a range of wooden, PVC, and upholstery materials to give an outstanding look to your interiors. You can choose any kind of panel design, we’ll sell them to you at low prices. Not only this, we offer occasional sale opportunities to provide you with these panels with significant discounts.


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Get flawless wall panel installations in Dubai

Are you looking for an experienced installer to fit panels on your walls? We’ve completely got you covered. We offer extraordinary services of laminated and wood paneling in your homes. Now you can change the entire ambiance of your living and working spaces with our efficient installation amenities. Our experts conduct every single step of panel installation with keen attention to every minor and major detail.

For installations, we check wall dimensions, and condition, and prep it flawlessly for the process throughout. We proceed with accurate measurements, cutting the panel to size, and using the best adhesives, ensuring a smooth and attractive wall finish.

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Discover Our Diverse Variety Of Wall Panels

TV Wall Panel

To give your TV wall a fascinating touch, you can fit our contemporary-style panels. Our panels with light colors and minimal designs are best for TV walls.

PVC Wall Panel Design

Our PVC panels for walls are the most practical and durable choice for every usage scenario. You can browse different color tones for them.

Laminate Panels

These are the most advanced panels for wall ornamentation and a functional choice for both commercial and residential settings.

Wooden Wall Panel

We provide panels with sophisticated wood carving, borders, and notable layouts to decorate your formal interiors.

3D Wall Panel

Our panels with rectangular shapes and three-dimensional surface patterns are a trendy choice for embellishment. They come with a soundproofing property, in addition to a sleek appearance.

Astonishing Features Of Having Our Wall Panel

Being the best wall wooden panel suppliers, we present to you our fascinating range of wall covering accessories that will add instant visual interest to your places. Here’s the list of timeless benefits of our wallboard panels.

  • Give your living and working spaces a subtle touch with our 3D wall panels in Dubai.
  • Our wooden panels add worth, texture, warmth, and elegance to your interiors.
  • These panels protect your walls from unappealing damages like spills, stains, and scratches.
  • Our luxurious panels work wonders in your interiors giving your spaces a distinctively beautiful look.
  • The best aspect is that they can be customized to fit any wall dimension or home design.
  • You have a lot of options for materials and designs for the paneling treatments.
  • It is really easy to maintain and clean our PVC and wooden panels.
  • Our waterproof PVC wall panels price in UAE is extremely affordable.
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Why Should You Select Us For Wall Panels Dubai?

Dubai Vinyl Flooring is the leading brand across Dubai to shop for decorative wall panels. Our wall coverings are built to revive your interior look, shielding your walls from various unappealing factors. You can buy our truly distinctive and unmatched quality wall panels to enhance the value of your interiors. Our decorative wood panels for walls will change your whole office, villa, or apartment look.

Request Design Samples

To select wall panels of your choice to embellish your home interior, check out our panel samples. We provide you with free design swatches to check quality, ensuring a delightful purchase experience.

Experienced Workers

For the customizations or installations, we have specialized consultants. Our designers will help you at every step of your purchase and selection of the panel designs and materials.

Guaranteed Services

Our panels are made from premium materials, so you can get the best value out of your investment because they will last for longer time spans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the installation of wall panels, heavily textured walls need to be sanded or primed. Thoroughly clean the walls in order to stick the adhesive properly for panel installation.

Wall panels come with different choices of materials and designs. Bold grids, vertical, mirror, PVC, glass, and laminate ones are the most popular design trends for these panels.

When it comes to making a choice whether you should go for wall panels or paint a wall, painting will be the more practical, reliable, and timeless solution. However, wall panels add a lot of texture, enhance the value, and can make any space stand out.

Not all types of wall panels are waterproof. However, wall panels made from PVC materials have moisture-resistant properties. These panels are good for both kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas.

As wall panels are made from different types of materials, their longevity period significantly varies. For instance, PVC panels for walls tend to last up to 8 or 12 years with regular care and maintenance. These panels resist deterioration well.

For 3D designs and carvings, buying MDF panels is considered the best choice. Since they can be painted in any color, don’t absorb the paint unlike wood, and are more durable, you should definitely give these panels a try.