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Dubai Vinyl Flooring gladly presents the glamorous range of wallpaper Dubai for interior wall treatments. Our wallpapers are the ideal wall covering elements in both styling and functional aspects. You can revamp your residential and commercial decor with our astonishing range of wall coverings featuring modern, traditional, and classic designs.

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Our Spectacular Range Of Wallpaper Dubai For Home Renovations

At our wallpaper shops in Dubai, we have a trendsetting variety of affordable wall coverings. Now you can create the perfect design statement in your interiors with our trendy wallpapers for wall, featuring classy patterns and styles. Our extraordinary selection is designed keeping the latest trends and customer preferences in mind. With these wallpapers, you not only can add visual interest but effectively protect your walls as well. This way, you can instantly glamorize your interiors and add a pop of color and texture to them.

Personalize Your Interiors With Our Custom Wallpaper Services

Style every area of your home as per your unique style statement by getting our custom wall panels and wallpapers for walls. We also provide paintable wallpapers for a graceful makeover of your offices. To fit the unique dimensions of your rooms, you can customize the wallpaper size in terms of length and width. Aside from size, we offer personalization of wallpaper color, texture, prints, patterns, and visual shapes. Our wall covering sheet entices up the decor without overpowering the entire room’s decor. You can also utilize them to cover table tops, or for lining drawers, and framing purposes as well. Book your order right now for customized wallpaper in Dubai!

We Sell Modern and Classic Wallpapers At Low Rates

Our platform stands out as the top-rated wallpaper supplier across Dubai because of its pocket-friendly services. Our long-lasting wall ornamental essentials magically transform your interiors. Whether you have vintage or contemporary decor, our wallpapers ideally sync with all the room furnishing elements. We aim to provide supremely durable wallpapers Dubai for a major styling boost. You can choose any kind of wallpaper from our collection and we’ll provide them to you at discounted rates.


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Book Our Experts For Flawless Wallpaper Fixing Dubai Services

Are you in search of adept installers to fix your wallpapers? We are right here to serve you with our specialized team. Fixing wallpaper requires expertise and attention to every minor and major detail. Our team makes visits to inspect your wall condition, provides you with home consultations, and ensures seamless installations. We specialize in fixing wallpapers in both residential and commercial locations.

Our wallpaper installation services are meant to create your dream interiors. We turn your dreams into reality and provide flawless fixing services. We help you save your bucks, energy, and time required for DIY wallpaper installation. Besides this, you can consult our team about wall treatment aftercare and get wallpaper maintenance tips.

Our Fascinating Gallery For Wallpapers

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Our Area Defining Wallpapers Make Every Place Stand Out

Elevate the whole look of your spaces with our chic-style wallpapers designed to add instant glam. You can buy our wallpapers with vintage, abstract, and contemporary patterns to redefine any area of your home.

Bedroom Wallpaper

Set the overall tone of your bedrooms with our wallpapers featuring cool colors and minimal designs. You can create a peaceful sanctuary by having our wallpapers for bedrooms.

Study Room Wallpaper

With the help of our grasscloth wallpaper, you can design an exciting space that is also comfortable for working or studying in a focused manner.

Kitchen Wallpaper

For your kitchen or dining spaces, get our stain and oil-proof wallpapers with retro effects, brick themes, and rustic stone styles.

Kids Room Wallpaper

For kid’s rooms, we also offer custom wallpaper printing services. You can get wallpaper designs featuring your kid’s favorite cartoon character, animals, fantasy elements, and sceneries .

Office Wallpaper

For a formal look, you can buy hand painted or wood imitating wallpapers that work wonderfully well in formal environments.

Living Room Wallpaper

For living room decoration, you can choose from the range of textured, patterned, floral, stripped, geometrics, and botanical prints.

Notable Perks Of Our Having Wallpapers In Your Homes

Being the best-rated wallpaper supplier, we provide wall ornamentation essentials to add unique elegance. Here’s the list of timeless benefits for buying wallpapers online.

  • Our breathtaking room wallpaper designs add an element of texture, coziness, and aesthetics to all spaces.
  • You can buy 3D wallpapers for Kids’ room decor with creative designs, informational themes, and lively colors.
  • Our custom wallpaper in Dubai will allow you to personalize your home decor in a true sense.
  • You can accessorize your kitchens or bathrooms with our waterproof wallpapers made from PVC.
  • Our wallpapers resist spills, stains, scratches, and high levels of moisture, protecting your walls.
  • We have a huge selection of wallpaper designs, patterns, and textures in our stores, such as brick-look, flock, vintage, or patterned ones.
  • With a minimal maintenance requirement, our eco-friendly wallpapers are just the right addition to your interiors.
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Why Choose Us To Buy Wallpapers Dubai? is a top-notch source providing you with luxury wall embellishment accessories to give your rooms a sophisticated touch. Our platform provides high-quality custom wallpaper for walls with graceful textures and creative designs. Reach out to us today for timeless and functional interior design upgrades.

Long Lasting Products

Our wallpaper is made from highly resilient materials to ensure longevity. We promise that your investment in our 3D wall coverings will be ideally worthwhile.

Free Design Samples

For these stylish wall coverings, you can request for free swatches. We’ll show you an extensive range of modern and vintage wallpaper designs.

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You can buy wallpaper online UAE and we’ll ensure timely threshold shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Wallpapers can be installed on textured walls but it is a challenging thing to do. To install wallpapers on textured walls, you’ll first need to apply a lining paper to help create a smooth surface.

All wallpapers are not waterproof. Solid vinyl wallpapers are designed to be waterproof and they come with embossed and plain designs. These wallpapers are best for kitchenettes, bathrooms, and other humid places.

The initial cost of purchasing and installing wallpapers is more than painting a wall. Painting a wall is way cheaper but wallpaper can last for a longer time span which is why it’s preferable to have them.

Among the wallpaper designs that are currently trending in Dubai, floral-themed, vintage designs, botanical prints, tropical layouts, and murals are popular choices.

To choose wallpaper, know your requirements and styling taste first. To create an illusion of a larger space, pick wallpapers with minimal and neutral layouts and colors such as sky blue, violet, and sage green. For a dramatic touch, go for hues like vibrant red, orange, and yellow.

Wallpapers are designed from a variety of materials. Depending on the maintenance and usage, they can last for more than the average lifetime. Typically, wallpapers last for 8 years and beyond, proving themselves a worthwhile investment.