Install Vinyl Plank Flooring - Our Easy to Follow Guide

How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

When you are going to upgrade the level of your living space, you might always look out for the flooring first. Home floor covering is an essential element demanding the most attention in home decoration. Every house owner wants to give their house an adorable look. Therefore, selecting flooring that could last longer and come at an affordable price is the best choice. One of the best options for this is to install vinyl plank flooring.

With that being said, most people go for vinyl plank flooring as you can save a lot of money while giving your living space a whole new ravishing look. This fantastic floor covering can be installed as vinyl plank flooring by yourself, hence saving you money. This vinyl flooring comes in a beautifully amazing style and patterns to embellish your home space.

A Complete Guide To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

To provide you with ease, we have come up with a complete step-by-step vinyl flooring installation. This guide will lead you to the vinyl flooring installation with no professional help. These are the simplest steps that you can follow and get the task completed in no time with complete perfection.

1. Get Yourself Ready With the Required Materials

Get Yourself Ready With the Required Materials

Before you jump on any step directly, it is necessary to first get yourself ready with all the required materials so that you can carry out the installation process smoothly. You will need a flat pry bar, pliers, tape measure, hammer, nail set, ¼ inches spacer, etc. This step should be done before performing any other step so that you won’t get frustrated during the installation process.

2. Prepare The Subflooring

Prepare The Subflooring

In order to lay vinyl plank flooring, it is important to prepare the subflooring. There is no need to hire a team for the completion of this task. All you need to do is just level the floor. If you see any cracks or divots, install the patches on those spots, and you are done. Also, remove all the trim boards before doing this so that they can be reused after you lay the planks.

3. Plan the Layout Of Flooring

Plan the Layout Of Flooring

The most important step before starting the installation process is to plan the layout. It is recommended to plan the pattern according to the wall that catches the most attention. So that your flooring can enhance the beauty and add extra charm to your living space. If you are going to install vinyl flooring covering in bathrooms, then the pattern should be laid in the direction of the bathtub for a more enhanced appearance.

4. Lay The First Row Of Vinyl Planks

Lay The First Row Of Vinyl Planks

Cut the planks into roughly equal sizes and test fit the first row against the wall to check the length. This will give you an idea of how much length you could cut off each plank so that you can get the desired layout of your home flooring. Also, leave almost ¼ inches against the wall by placing a spacer between the plank and the wall.

5. Cut All the Planks Accordingly

Cut All the Planks Accordingly

Now, you might get a rough idea about the length of the planks, so by using a utility knife, start cutting the planks accordingly. Do not go for the cut in one pass. It would be better if you kept sliding the knife many times over the planks so that they could get cut with a nice finish. Vinyl planks are usually slippery, so you have to be very careful while cutting them off with the blade.

6. Start Laying the Entire Flooring Planks

Start Laying the Entire Flooring Planks

If you have completed all of the preceding steps and want a luxurious look in your home, lay the flooring in a tongue-and-groove system. One plank should be laid flat on the flooring while the other must be placed at an angle in the other plank’s receiving groove. Now, place the second board and fold it until it is placed flat parallel to the first board. It will help both the planks to be held together in place. Place all the rows of these adorable vinyl planks in the same manner.

7. Lay The Final Row

Lay The Final Row

When laying the final row, remember to cut it narrow enough to leave ¼ inches of space between the wall and itself. Use a utility knife to cut the planks perfectly. Join these planks end-to-end while following the precious tongue-and-groove system. Finish the process by installing the trim molds in the proper location. Get them secured by the nails and hammer. Do all these procedures with complete care so that you won’t get injured.

8. Clear Up All The Mess

Clear Up All The Mess

When you are done with the installation process of this world-class floor covering, it is now time to clean up all the mess. Do the vacuuming once or clean the floor using a broom. Your precious living space will get an attractive appearance instantly while complementing all the furniture in your home area.

To Sum Up

In the end, I would strongly recommend following up on all the above steps accordingly. This entire guide is important to follow if you want to create a glorified look for your place with the installation of this classy vinyl plank flooring. This method mentioned above is the simplest one, and you can quickly lay the flooring without getting tired and saving your money.